Localization best practices by PhraseApp.com. The family app FAMILO more than quintupled their user base through localization. Want to know how?
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Case study with FAMILO

do you think your product is ready for global expansion? Hundreds of customers have utilized PhraseApp to multiply their international user base tremendously. Check out our new case study about the popular family app FAMILO and how effective localization increased their customer base by 400%. Learn how you could scale your business internationally with PhraseApp:
How to multiply your user reach by 400%

How to multiply your user reach by 400%

PhraseApp helped to scale FAMILO's business internationally and become an industry leader by providing tools to streamline their translation management process. The startup noticed an overwhelming 400% increase in users after adopting PhraseApp’s localization software and was able to improve their overall translation quality. Read the full case study

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