SWI QuickPicks Ratings Report - February 17, 2015

SWI QuickPicks Ratings Report
New Coverage on NeoStem 

Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc.


February 17, 2015

Total List Up 6.4 %
Top Performer CBMG up 39%

Many analysts doubted it, but the market reached new heights last week. Nevertheless, as always in rising markets, there are widely varying analyst opinions if 2015 will be able to repeat the strong returns of 2014. Analyst consensus seems to be that while Worldwide growth, especially in Europe needs to be downgraded slightly, it will be balanced by the faster growth expected in China and especially India and is not going to impact the US economy negatively. The US economy is on a reasonable forward thrust, with lots of corporate cash still sitting on the side lines. In our opinion though, we should not expect quite the same drastic growth and profits from the US market as experienced during 2014. Based on this expectation, we will be looking for good values in Europe. We expect that based on the current turmoil in the EU and the resulting lower markets there right now, we could expect good returns during a (soon to come) recovery.

In the micro cosmos of our SWI QuickPicks, we have edged out a total value increase of 6.4%, lead by Mattson Technologies, Inc.(MTSN).

While with our QuickPicks we are still somewhat focused on the lower value stocks based on a wide range of analyst consensus, we have now begun to leverage our decade long experience in and direct relationships with leading edge technology and early stage development biotech companies for our WatchIndex portfolio. One of our Top Five performers for both lists for this reporting period is the semi conductor manufacturer Mattson Technology (MTSN) with an an increase of 28%, only to be topped by our absolute winner in our WatchIndex section for this reporting period, Cellular Biomedicine Group (CBMG), rising a staggering 39% since inception of our coverage on January 15, 2015. We will feature the company in more detail in our SWI WatchIndex section soon.
NeoStem (NBS), a well established company in the cell therapy field is our other star performer in the WatchIndex. We have been following NeoStem for years and have begun covering NBS officially on January 20, 2015. We are featuring it in the SWI WatchIndex section and you can download the latest investor presentation here (NeoStem). We believe the company is now ready to become one of the leaders in their field. The stock has risen 9% since our initial coverage.

New SWI Anlayst Coverage

Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc (CBMG:NASDAQCM)
On January 15, 2015 we began coverage of CMBG. On February 4, 2015, Cellular Biomedicine Group Ltd. (Shanghai) ("CBMG"), an operating subsidiary of Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. has entered into a technology transfer agreement with the Chinese PLA General Hospital PLAGH (also known as "301 Hospital"). PLAGH has agreed to transfer to CBMG all of its right, title and interest in and to certain technologies currently owned by PLAGH (including, without limitation, four technologies and their pending patent applications) that relate to genetic engineering of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-modified T cells and its applications. With respect to any improvement achieved by collaboration of CBMG and PLAGH, CBMG and PLAGH will jointly own any intellectual properties arising from such Improvement. With respect to any Improvement achieved solely and independently by PLAGH, CBMG has a right of first refusal to acquire any intellectual properties arising from such improvement. Since our initial coverage the stock has risen a staggering 39%

We initiated coverage on NeoStem on January 20,2015, added the stock to our SWI Watch Index and have taken a position for the SWI portfolio. NeoStem is a leading edge cell therapy bio-tech company with an excellent and longstanding track record and an even more promising future. NeoStem has a very experienced management team and an esteemed advisory board and is one of the only approximately dozen companies worldwide that are currently evaluating stem cell therapies in several late stage clinical trials. The stock is up 9% for the period, but in our opinion is still dramatically undervalued. We have great expectatQions for this company. 

Rainer Poertner
Chief Analyst
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