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Behind The Scenes Interview with Sacha Molitorisz,

"Viswalingam asks whether we are coming into the last hurrah for the West, or whether the values that made it great can be revived to bring about a new Renaissance. The viewer is left to answer this question for themselves, and whichever way you lean, there is plenty of food for thought." Sharon Hurst ★★★1/2 stars Cinephilia

“…see this film.” 3 ½ stars

 “…made with passion and conviction, and succeeds…” 3 1/2 stars

Evan Williams The Australian


Sydney Morning Herald 4 stars

 “The ideas may be weighty but Viswalingam has enough experience and charm to ensure the treatment is engaging”...

“ ‘Is this as Good as it Gets?’ It’s a question every Westerner should be asking”4 STARS 

Sacha Molitorisz SMH 1/12/2012 


“Decadence is a stimulating filmic essay on contemporary cultural questions of greatest importance. Pria Viswalingam deserves our thanks and congratulations.”

Professor Robert Manne

Sydney Season almost over!

The Sydney Season of Decadence: Decline In The Western World is coming to an end, with Wednesday the 11th January, 10am at Roseville Cinemas being the last Sydney session at this stage.
If you haven't seen the documentary just yet, this is your last chance!

Since the Sydney premiere at Roseville Cinemas on the 1st December, we have had a successful month over the festive season. With your help we hope to extend the season at Roseville.

Next on the list are Theatre Royal in Castlemaine, VIC, Hyperplex Cinemas in Loganholme QLD (27th January), Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, Central Coast, Regent Cinema, Muwillumbah Northern NSW, Belgrave CInema (March 2012) in Armidale, NSW early this year.

Thanks everyone for all your support. Hope you had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
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