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January 22, 2017

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Berkey Announcements

Invitation to Become a Berkey Member

membership flowersAre you interested in becoming a member here at Berkey? Dan and Marilyn would like to hear from you. We are looking ahead to a time after Easter to receive new members, either through transfer of membership or confession of faith. Please let Dan or Marilyn know if you are interested.

Pastor's Note

noteMarilyn Rudy-Froese will be attending Pastors Week at AMBS next week, Monday through Thursday. The theme is "Cultivating Intercultural Leadership for Diversity-Oriented Churches" with A. Brian Leander.

Annual Contribution Statements

dollar signNext week (January 22-28) annual contribution statements for 2016 will be emailed or hard copies will be distributed to Berkey donors. The email will show as coming from: Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship (, with the subject showing as: Statement from Berkey Avenue Mennonite Fellowship. If you have questions regarding the statement or find any discrepancies, replying to the email will put you in contact with Thelma Ramer who will assist with questions.

Join the Worship Team

instrumentsAbout once a month, the Worship Team (comprised of instrumentalists ranging from middle school students to some older people) leads singing during a Sunday morning worship service. If you play an instrument no matter whether you are a beginner, a pro, or someone that hasn't played for a while, there is a spot for you. For each Worship Team Sunday, parts are written and arranged tailored for each instrument and for each musician's skill level. For more details contact Greg Smucker by email or by phone, 574-536-1996.

Meals for College Students

mealOver the years Berkey has been a wonderful, welcoming church home for many college/young adult students. One of the highlights for the students is having a meal each Sunday after church. This allows them to get to know our church family in a more informal setting and learn to know a wider range of people. You don’t need to make anything fancy – just a simple meal of food you enjoy making. You can host in your home or at the church, using the church kitchen. You may sign up individually, with someone else or as a small group. To sign up follow this link; username: students, password: bamf. For more information, contact Ruth Roth. Thank you so much for your meals and friendship to our students!

New to Our Library

libraryChristianity in the 21st Century: Reflections on the Challenges Ahead, by Robert Wuthnow. No living scholar combines so well the historical, sociological and lived commentary on religion in contemporary America. No author is better equipped to canvass the prospects of Christianity for the twenty-first century.

Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity, by Jen Hatmaker. Are you one of the millions who crave a new direction in the church, fed up with religious games, empty promises, and cultural Christianity? You are not alone. You are not crazy. Maybe Jesus is ready to interrupt your life.

Leading Without Power: Finding Hope in Serving Community, by Max De Pree shows today's leaders how to lead without power and transform their organizations into movements that fulfill the human spirit. His visionary achievement will inspire and encourage individuals and organizations of all kinds.

Reclaiming the Great Commission, by Bishop Claude E. Payne and Hamilton Beazley provides a practical model for transforming denominations and congregations.

Structured for Mission: Renewing the Culture of the Church, by Alan J. Roxburgh states that we cannot simply replace old institutions with new ones. We need to examine the underlying stories, metaphors and cultures that give organizations their meaningfulness.

The Power of Asset Mapping: How Your Congregation Can Act on Its Gifts, by Luther K. Snow is aimed at congregational and religious life but can also be the operating manual for anyone trying to transform institutions, communities, or nations.

Throwback Thursday

tbtHead on over to our Facebook page for a photographic collection of our early history -- complete with difficult to recognize building features, incredible hairstyles and clothing, and who knows what else we will dig up! Play along and see if you can spot anybody you know, and don't forget to like our page if you haven't already!

Do you have an announcement for the Newsletter? Submit your announcement to the office by noon on Thursday. Announcements received after the deadline will be printed the following week.


Our Schools

icon_bcs Bethany Christian

Singing Valentines

Bethany Christian High School’s performing arts troupe, Emmaus, will deliver singing valentines on Tuesday, February 14. The cost is $10 and includes two songs and a card with the option of including a message on a card. Recipients need to be within 1 mile of Goshen, and the Valentines will be “delivered” between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Registration forms are available in the school office or may be downloaded online. The troupe can only do a limited number of Valentines, so get your orders in early! Orders will be accepted through Monday, February 6, or until the schedule is full.

Donkey Ball

Buckeye Donkey Ball will be at Bethany Christian Schools at 7:00 p.m. Friday, February 10. Advance tickets are $6 ($8 at the door) and can be purchased from any middle school student or online. Come watch and laugh as teachers, students, and local pastors play basketball while riding (or trying to ride) their donkeys. A porkburger meal (Mishler’s pork patty sandwich, chips/veggies, drink) will be available for $6 beginning at 6:00 p.m. Concessions also available. Berkey pastor, Marilyn Rudy-Froese,will be riding one of the donkeys! You are invited to sit with your Berkey friends to cheer her on together.

Goshen College Goshen College

Women's Spirituality Retreat

Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center will be hosting a Women’s Spirituality Retreat in late January. The annual retreat includes biblical input, time outdoors connecting with creation, conversation with other women, and quiet time alone. The weekend is based within Christian assumptions, language, and stories, but women who stand outside that circle are welcome as well. This year the focus will be on how women have often lived in the shadows - or moved in and out of them. The retreat will be held from January 27, 7:00 p.m. - January, 28, 4:00 p.m. at Merry Lea’s Farmstead Barn Site (2152 S 425 W, Albion, IN 46701). The cost is $50.00 and includes input, lodging, and meals. Registration is required by January 24th. Learn more and register.

AMBS Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary

Creation Care Course

The short course, Biblical Foundations for Creation Care, will be held online with Ben Ollenburger, Ph.D., professor of biblical theology, February 15 – March 28. The early registration deadline is February 1, 2017. Learn more.

Mennonite Church USA

This Sunday is when World Fellowship Day is celebrated. It falls annually on the Sunday that is closest to January 21. It marks the date in 1525 when the first Anabaptist baptisms took place in Zurich, Switzerland. Give thanks for all those around the world who boldly seek to follow Jesus Christ. 
This summer’s Mennonite Church USA Convention will feature a new way to involve high school youth representatives in the delegate sessions. Called “Step Up,” the goal is to prepare young people who have an interest in being involved with the broader church for future involvement as denominational delegates and leaders. The program will include two interactive seminar sessions and attendance at and participation in delegate sessions. Conferences and constituency groups will be invited to nominate youth who are rising high school sophomores or older. For questions, contact Brook Musselman.

mccMennonite Central Committee

Josefa Damián Sosof is president of New Dawn Association of Santiago Atitlán (ANADESA), which grew out of a partnership of local residents, Guatemalan Mennonites and MCC in responding to mudslides that struck Panabaj, Guatemala, in 2005. Read her story.

world conferenceMennonite World Conference

Bogotá, Colombia – “We celebrate World Fellowship Sunday because it is a way to remember the origin of our church: clearly, first comes the teachings of Jesus, but we also remember that 500 years ago some brave women and men, motivated by the real teachings of Jesus, decided to follow him even though that action cost them their lives,” says Oscar Suarez, member of Iglesia Menonita de Ibagué (Ibagué Mennonite Church), Colombia. Read more.

Community Announcements

Women's March in South Bend

Inspired by The Women’s March on Washington, South Bend is joining the nearly 300 bipartisan ‘sister marches’ taking place worldwide on January 21. Women and their allies are invited to stand together in solidarity with their partners and children for the protection of women's rights, safety, health, and families - recognizing that vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country. Organizers invite attendees to wear pink to show solidarity with women worldwide. Signs, noise-makers, and positive energy are encouraged. This event will launch at 3:30 p.m. at the John R. Hunt Plaza with very brief speakers, followed by a short march through Downtown South Bend, concluding with a dance celebration at Vegetable Buddies at about 4:15 p.m., where participants can then enjoy food and drink and convivial networking after the march. Those who do not wish to march can enjoy the opening speakers at 3:30 p.m., and then rejoin the group at the nearby conclusion at Vegetable Buddies. More information is available at the Sister March page.

Pathways Retreat Workshop

The workshop Heart of Centering Prayer, will be held on Mondays beginning January 23, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Those who would like to learn about and engage in the ancient Christian practice of centering prayer are invited to join in this study of Cynthia Bourgeault's newest book, The Heart of Centering Prayer, and the spiritual classic, The Cloud of Unknowing. The workshop will be facilitated by Nina Lanctot. For more information or to register, go to their website or contact Nina.

Everence College Scholarship

A college scholarship for you or your children is one of the potential benefits of doing business with Everence. To apply for an Everence scholarship, the student or the student’s parent or legal guardian must own or be using an Everence product. The application must be completed by February 28; previous recipients may apply again. This is for all college students, not just incoming freshmen. Read more.


Have something to sell, rent or lend?  Want to buy or borrow something? Looking for a job or wanting to volunteer? This is the place to have it be known!

MCC's Sharing With Appalachia People (SWAP) program is seeking volunteer groups and summer staff. Groups or individuals can volunteer to serve as week-long volunteers. SWAP is also looking for summer staff to serve as job site coordinators and meals coordinators/cooks for three month assignments. Summer staff are a critical component of SWAP's successful ministry, as they help facilitate the weekly SWAP service groups working on housing repair for low-income persons. Summer staff vary in age from 19 to 70+, and they receive meals, lodging and a weekly stipend for their service. For more information about bringing a group to SWAP or serving as summer staff, visit their website or contact Angela Maggard, 606-633-5065.



Monday, January 23
Intercessory Prayer, 7:00 p.m.

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Anniversaries This Week
Doug & Cindy Baker

Birthdays This Week
Seth Krabill
Malaina Weldy
Andrea Bontrager Yoder
Joy Hostetter
Leah Garboden
Please contact the office by noon on Thursday with prayer requests.

Berkey Family
PaulPaul Leichty writes, "I am very grateful to be home! A friend brought over balloons shortly after we arrived. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers."

IN-MI Mennonite Conference
Pray for New Hope Community Church of Midland, MI (Denny Heath, pastor). Prayer for members who have been ill and for those who grieve for a lost loved one who had been a lifetime member. They give thanks to God for the increase in children in their congregation.
Pray for Ninth Street Mennonite Church, Saginaw, MI (Bill Scott, pastor). Pray for the ministry work  that they are doing in their city.

Mennonite Education Agency
World Fellowship Day falls on the Sunday nearest January 21. On that date in 1525, the first Anabaptist baptisms took place in Zurich, Switzerland. Pray as adults remember their worldwide koinonia, that they give thanks for God’s all-inclusive family. Pray for grace to accept and respect unconditionally each child as one of God’s own. In doing so, pray that as adults guide children to befriend those who look and dress differently, those who speak and act differently, those who irritate and mistreat others, that they learn to live as the family of God.

Mennonite Mission Network
JCS International, the consortium of mission agencies through which Mennonite Mission Network serves in Mongolia, requests prayer for “the many families in our fellowships and communities who are struggling to keep their homes warm in the cold weather this winter.”

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Church Notes

Our Worship

This Sunday:  January 22
World Fellowship Sunday
Scripture:  Genesis 1:1-5; 2:1-3
Sermon Title:  "Chaos, Creation and Sabbath: A Divine Dance of Trust and Hope."

Next Sunday:  January 29
Guest Speaker:  Lawrence Giden

Sunday Service Info

This Sunday:  January 22

Diane Beam
Amos and Janice Hostetler

Curt Wenger

Dave & Bev Krabill

Jason Moshier

Leah Garboden

Infants:  Joy Hostetter, Peter & Jan Shetler
Toddlers:  Jenny Miller, Dan & Evie Nafziger

Offering Counters:
Dick Ramer
Karl Sommers

Next Sunday:  January 29

Lindsy Locke
Dave & Bev Krabill

Aaron Wieand

Dave & Bev Krabill

Jason Moshier

Leah Garboden

Infants:  Vanessa Adcock, Sue Byler, Judy Weaver
Toddlers:  Sim Dolva, Eric & Lavonn Hostetler

Offering Counters:
Diane Nafziger
Thelma Ramer

Statistical Report 
(January 15)

Attendance:  201
General Fund:  $7,007.60
Bethany 2016/2017:  $115.00
College Matching:  $70.00
GC textbooks for students:  $250.00
Playground/Parking lot:  $150.00
Rental Income:  $752.00

General Fund Income 2016-17 YTD
Actual:  $133,139.25
Budget:  $122,353.00

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