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2014 MLKAR Holiday Newsletter
Greetings MLKAR Brokers, Agents and Affiliates!
Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving in paradise…something about watching the news of bitter temps up North seems to make the day even better! It’s time for the annual banquet this Saturday so if you have not purchased your tickets online yet, please do so ASAP.
This year we have lots to celebrate both as an industry and as an association. Thus far in 2014 our brokers and agents have participated in over 1 billion dollars in real estate transactions! Average sales prices are on the rise and the market shows no signs of slowing down. 
I was going to comment on all the changes we’ve had as an association this year but the truth is everything is always changing. Nothing ever stays the same and the pace of our lives seems to get faster and faster. The more important thing is the GROWTH we have had this year from the changes of 2014. It’s been quite a year to be the MLKAR President, but I would not change a thing about it. The challenges we faced were each met and overcome, and in some ways they seemed to bring our members closer together.  I appreciate and thank each and every one of you for being supportive of the choices made by the board this year. It has been a privilege to work with the board of directors that served in 2014, each member contributed and helped in every decision and path we chose. 
On Sat I will pass the gavel to Lisa Ferringo as 2015 President! I have such excitement and confidence that Lisa and Wayne will do an amazing job working together next year.  Wayne has been a wonderful addition to the MLKAR family and I believe and hope that he will be with us for many years to come.  Please come and join us this Sat Dec 6th at the Sunset Grill to celebrate this year and the Holidays.
Your 2014 MLKAR President,
Sandy Tuttle

                                 Civic Affairs

                                                      Charity of The Month
Marathon & Lower Keys Association of Realtors® CHARITY OF THE MONTH for
                                    August was Florida Keys Children's Shelter. 

     Ryan Elwell, Royal Furniture (Right), and Connie Tucker, Marathon Key Real Estate (Center) and check presented to Ben Kemmer Interim CEO Florida Keys Children’s Shelter (Left) for $553.80.     

Monies raised include a portion of sales from customers referred to Royal Furniture by local Realtors®, and donations collected by members.   Connie is being recognized by MLKAR for her fund raising efforts.  Fair Insurance Rates In Monroe (FIRM)  is the charity of the month for September. If you would like to contribute to these charities please contact Stacie at 305-731-9075.

Marathon & Lower Keys Association of Realtors® CHARITY OF THE MONTH for September was FIRM.
A check for $1,052.63 was presented to FIRM board member Ava Bianchino, left, by Andrew and Brittney Grzych of American Caribbean Real Estate, Lower Keys. Monies raised included a portion of sales from customers referred to Royal Furniture by local Realtors, and donations collected by members. The Charity of the Month for October is KAIR. If you would like to make a donation to either of these organizations, please contact Andrew or Brittney at 305-587-4044.
Marathon & Lower Keys Association of Realtors® CHARITY OF THE MONTH for October was KAIR.

The Marathon & Lower Keys Association of REALTORS® Charity of the Month for October was Keys Area Interdenominational Resources’ (KAIR).  Marge Roberts, executive director accepted a $1,648.86 check from affiliate member Ryan Elwell, Royal Furniture, and Ron Widmaier, Century 21 Schwarz Realty of Big Pine.  Monies raised include a portion of sales from customers referred to Royal Furniture by local Realtors®, and donations collected by members.  The Charity of the Month for November is Wesley House Services.  MLKAR is adopting 2 families for Christmas.  Ron is being recognized for his fund raising efforts.  If you would like to make a cash donation, or donate items to the families, please call Ron at 305-745-8815.
Great Installation Banquet Raffle  
Bring Cash, Checks and Gifts Saturday!!!
Proceeds to Christmas Gifts for the Adopted Wesley House Kids
Can't wait to see our Members and Affiliates at the 2015 Installation and Awards Banquet at Sunset Grille 6:30pm Saturday night 12/6/14. Don't forget to bring cash or checks for the great Raffle with great prizes like 46" Smart HDTV, Digital Camera and tons more. Proceeds from the raffle go to help the Families we adopted from Wesley House have a great Christmas. See you there.  

You can also bring gifts for the families that will be delivered for Christmas.

Charity of the Month  2014 Schedule

  • January – VNA/Hospice
  • February – SHARK
  • March – MOTE Marine Laboratory
  • April – Habitat for Humanity Upper Keys
  • May – Habitat for Humanity Lower Keys
  • June – Salvation Army
  • July – Silent Angels
  • August – Florida Keys Children’s Shelter
  • September – FIRM
  • October – KAIR food pantry
  • November – Wesley House adopt a family
  • December – St. Peter’s Food Pantry
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I have a wonderful family and a great new job serving the best people ever.  I am very Thankful to Sandy Tuttle, the Board and all our Members and Affiliates for giving me the opportunity to serve you and being so kind and supportive.   Everyone has been so supportive and friendly that it makes my job a pleasure and I am truly blessed.  I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year.
I would like to give a special thanks to a few people that have spent so much time helping me during this transition:
Sandy Tuttle, 2014 MLKAR President and a Great Boss.  She has been a wonderful boss, she has been so supportive and given so much of her time in helping me to get things more organized and running smoothly.  I told her that her term on the Board does not end for 20 years. 
Deb Farrell, MLKAR Board Treasurer has been so helpful, supportive and patient during our transition to the new, upgraded and much needed book keeping system.  It has been a tremendous undertaking but is really making a great difference.  I am so appreciative to Deb for taking all the time out of her schedule as a volunteer to help me with this implementation. 
Ava Bianchino, MLKAR Board Member and MLS Chair has also been overwhelmingly helpful with the MLS side of things not to mention organizational policies, information, etc.  I basically call her my personal database of knowledge about MLKAR.
Lisa Ferringo, Incoming 2015 MLKAR President and my new boss has been there for me and getting more and more heavily involved as we near 2015.  She’s been with me at the Leadership Training, Spokesperson Training and in the office for so many meetings and has been a blast to work with.  I could not do this job without great and supportive bosses like Lisa and Sandy.
Kristen Brenner, Kelly Willey, Derrick Johnson, Lea Ruesch, Jessica Ferguson, Natalie Johnson, Stacie Kidwell, Lynn Lucas and Kelli Van Stry have all been so wonderful.  Your support, patience and compliments have made this a wonderful transition for me and I only hope I can return the favor to you.
Melissa Foster my Assistant has been very patient and is working hard to learn her new boss.  She’s been helpful with many questions I have had about how things were run in the past and is a hard worker I can depend on. 
Margy Grant and Anne Cockayne from Florida Realtors Legal and Acting CEO have gone above and beyond in helping with so many matters from the transition, to Professional Standards, to any question I’ve had.  They responded so quickly and have helped so much in my training.
All MLKAR Members and Affiliates.  You have been so wonderful to work for and so supportive.  Every one of your positive comments about the work I am doing make my day a little brighter.  It feels so great to work for people that appreciate what you do for them.  I give you my word that I will continue to try and provide you with the best service possible.  I so much appreciate your support and patience during this transition.  God Bless you all.
Thanks to my Counterparts from the Upper Keys and Key West. 
Yadaris Wood, KWAR Association Executive has been there when I call her with questions and of course for all our numerous calls regarding problems with data share between FLEX and Rappitoni (hopefully gone someday).  It was a great pleasure working with you at our different functions, especially District 4.
Last and Far From Least:
Lynda Anthony, FKBR Association Executive has not only been my friend for over 10 years but has been so overwhelmingly helpful since I started this job.  She has been a blessing to me, her knowledge as an Association Executive for many years, her patience, understanding and willingness to share her time with me have been so far above and beyond the call of duty that I need to take my hat off to her.  This transition for me would have been so much harder without having her to turn to with my questions.  She took me under her wing when I started.  I would like to thank her, her Board of Directors and all her members for allowing her to help me. 


Wayne Carter
Association Executive

                                    Technology Bytes
                                                                        By: Derrick Johnson

The data wars are coming, The data wars are coming…..The data war….is here.

We have all seen the commercials.  AT&T will “double your data” for all plans over 15 GB.  Verizon is giving you “More Everything” and Sprint has accepted the challenge and gone after the business segment.  T-Mobile is lost in this shuffle but was the only major carrier (4th overall in the US Market) to offer unlimited data.  In August Sprint unveiled a $60 Unlimited Plan for individual customers. The new service offers unlimited voice, text messaging, and data for $60 a month. Sprint is marketing the new plan as the cheapest around, beating T-Mobile, its only national competitor offering unlimited data by $20 a month. AT&T and Verizon abandoned unlimited data plans more than two years ago. Today, AT&T and Verizon only offer new customers their shared plans, which include unlimited talk and text messaging and different tiers of data per month that can be shared among family members or devices.

What are some of the things you can do to save $$$ on data?  Well, if you haven’t looked at your cell phone plan lately, you should definitely do it now.  I personally saved $35 a month just by calling and asking for the new plan, which was what I was already getting, but was just paying the old pricing for it!  They will not tell you to pay less, you have to ask for it. 
Here are some tips for saving on data usage. 

First, switch to Google Chrome 

Google has implemented a feature that can greatly reduce the amount of data that the Chrome browser demands. Using Google’s servers, Chrome condenses images and other files to optimize page sites on your mobile device. Google also displays how much you’ve saved over the past month using an easy-to-view line graph. According to Google, your data usage can be reduced by up to 50%!
To enable the “Reduce data usage” setting, head to:
Chrome menu > Settings > (Advanced) Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage

Offline listening for Music Streaming services                 
Several of the most popular audio streaming apps offer different ways to listen to your tunes without having to stream over a network. Spotify, for example, lets you listen to your playlists offline while Rdio lets you sync individual songs for offline use. With Google Play Music, you can download everything – songs, albums, playlists and radio stations!

Download Gmail attachments on Wi-Fi                  
Google allows you to automatically download Gmail attachments over Wi-Fi. If you’re a daily user of the Gmail app, this toggle could help you save big on network data!
To enable this setting:
Gmail menu > Settings > > (Data Usage) Download attachments

Disable auto-play videos

Facebook recently added a feature that automatically plays videos in your newsfeed, regardless of if you wanted to or not. Not only are you saving data, you’re saving yourself from watching the countless cringeworthy “neknominations” plastered all over your newsfeed. To turn this off:
Left Navigational Panel > Settings > (General Settings) Auto-Play videos on Wi-Fi only
Is your favorite data-sucking app not listed? Make sure to check the app’s settings page for any data saving toggles that have been added. Developers are constantly improving their applications and may have included the feature since the last time you checked!

Keep your Data plan working for you, not the other way around. 

Don't forget to check the calendar for new and upcoming professional development opportunities.  


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Affiliate Spotlight
Welcome New Affiliates!

                         Luncheon Sponsor

                                    A Big Thank you to
Tom Ursino with Grassy Painting & Decorating for sponsoring the October Luncheon.

Rich Fielder with  True Title Agency for sponsoring the November Luncheon.
I'm here to serve you and only a phone call or email away.  Please feel free to contact me at anytime with your questions or suggestions on how we can serve you better.  

Hope to see you at the Banquet and you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wayne Carter
Association Executive
Marathon and Lower Keys Association of REALTORS®, Inc
5800 Overseas Highway, Suite 15
Marathon, FL 33050
Phone: 305-743-2485        Fax: 305-743-4679
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