Who Can You Trust - Online Safety Special Edition
CompuClever Newsletter - December 2012Welcome to the December 2012 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. Shopping online is convenient and rewarding and the vast majority of online transactions go through safely. Nevertheless, there are some risks that come with shopping online such as identity theft and credit card fraud. In this newsletter, we present a true story about how we became a victim of credit card fraud and how we fought to reverse the transaction. As staying safe while you are shopping online is paramount, we also offer some tips for keeping your private and personal information secure. Enjoy a happy and safe holiday season!

Who Can You Trust?[image]There are software producers that are dedicated to security, safety, and to combat online crime.  One of the guiding principles for CompuClever is to assist users in making their PC secure by removing confidential and private information such as banking and credit card data.  There are many security vendors that protect our computers from viral attacks – viruses and malware and the like.  We come to rely on these companies and trust they employ high standards of ethics.  However, when it comes to the “bottom line” – money and the pursuit of profits – you need to be vigilant and you need to take precautions.  In some cases, such as the example described here, you need to take a stand. 
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A Close Brush with McAfee[image]Imagine the situation where you open your credit card statement and you see an unauthorized charge of $40.  Does that alert you?  How about $400?  That would be a big deal, right?  On Oct. 22nd 2012, the CompuClever corporate American Express card was found to be illegally charged with a transaction of $3,910.  And if that wasn’t enough, what we discovered next had completely floored us.  The unauthorized charge was made by McAfee, one of the most prominent security software companies.  The incident involved the forgery of a credit card expiry date – for a credit card that had expired for almost six months!  In this article we will present you with the highlights of the story and how we fought to reverse this transaction.  
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How to Protect Your Online Identity?[image]Thanks to the killer combination of social networks, bad passwords, and highly personal information stored on our computers, we’re all at risk at some point of having our online identity hijacked, sometimes with disastrous results. However, there are easy ways to protect yourself online. >> Read more here

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