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Speed up your PC by managing startup programs

An effective way to speed up PC performance is to look at what programs automatically start up when you turn on your computer. These days, computers come pre-loaded with more programs than ever before, and they all want to launch at startup.
Not only does it take extra time to boot unwanted programs, these applications also consume system resources such as CPU and memory, slowing down your computer even more!
PC TuneUp Maestro's "Startup Manager" can help with this. By using our Startup Manager, you can choose which programs start up when you turn on your computer. Click "Manage | StartUp Management" to launch the "Startup Manager".
Some of these programs you can launch on your own, if and when you need to use them. But what if you discover, using Startup Manager, programs you never actually use?
That's where PC Clean Maestro comes in handy.
Use PC Clean Maestro's Uninstaller to save hard drive spacePC Clean Maestro
Besides helping safeguarding privacy and preventing identity theft, PC Clean Maestro also features a handy Uninstaller utility. The PC Clean Maestro Uninstaller is an easy way to remove unwanted programs from your computer, freeing up hard drive space.
As well, most application uninstallers leave files or registry keys behind. PC Clean Maestro's Uninstaller provides you with the ability to completely remove program file leftovers and delete remnant registry keys. This "clean uninstall" helps speed up computer performance.

Try PC Clean Maestro for free

Download PC Clean Maestro to run a FREE scan of your PC, discover and remove unwanted junk files and data. Also get access to powerful tools to safeguard your privacy and online identity.

PC Clean Maestro has passed the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo Certification Test and the McAfee SECURE Certification Test. It's clean and safe to use.

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