How to protect your security, privacy, & online identity
How to protect your security, privacy & online identity
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CompuClever Newsletter - May 2013Welcome to the May 2013 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. Safe and secure – that’s what we are looking for. There are numerous examples of PC crime.  What is it that malicious attackers, known as hackers, are after? Capturing personal and private information on your PC is what is at stake and these days, it can be done easily and from remote locations. Our newsletter gives excellent examples of cyber crime. With our blog article we provide step-by-step instructions on how you can prevent PC invasions by using PC Clean Maestro. PC Clean Maestro.

Touchless Cyber Crime[image]Our goal in presenting the following information is not to scare our reader base but to inform.  With knowledge of real and potential PC crimes and threats you can take steps to guard yourself. Brace yourself for the real world as we take a look at some of the trends in cyber crime and security breaches. After that we introduce the privacy and security features available with PC Clean Maestro. >> Read the entire article here

[image]Secure Computing Practices This blog article focuses on the security functionality of PC Clean Maestro – the removal of personal and private files. There are numerous examples of cyber crime and online hacking which exemplify damages that can be lost in terms of financial wealth, private data, and personal information that can be used against your will. In this article we will offer some examples of how you can prevent falling into malicious traps. >> Read the entire article here
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