Digital security, surveillance, and your privacy
Surveillance and privacy of information
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CompuClever Newsletter - July 2013Welcome to the July 2013 edition of the CompuClever email newsletter.  We tackle a subject matter that is fairly “hot” in the media today – surveillance and privacy of information.  In our newsletter we first take a look at current trends, attempt to get a closer look at what surveillance is and the impact of this for us personally.  In the second article we look at the more individual aspects of this phenomenon – how we participate in it and how we can attempt to opt out where possible.

Digital Security - What Can You Do?[image]If we are living in and exposed to a digital universe, and if this “universe” can be accessible through surveillance and by other parties, the real question is not “Are You Ready?” but “What Can You Do?” We take a look here at the first step – being informed. Edward Snowden has recently become an informant and has effectively unveiled mass government surveillance programs that have taken place without public consent or knowledge. The intent of this article is to avoid political comment and instead shine light on digital communication and what this means in terms of maintaining our privacy – what this means in terms of keeping our private information secure. >> Read the entire article here

[image]Privacy - Don't Give it Away We have founded a nation established on individual freedoms and rights.  Our right to privacy is fundamental.  But what about data that we make available in some manner such as with social media services like Facebook or Twitter?  Are we entering into a fuzzy area when we submit and share our content?  What is at risk when we open ourselves to digital communications?  We’re going to take a look at these questions and attempt some solutions for keeping our digital information from being used in ways we do not intend.  In part, we have to take responsibility for making good choices with data that is available to others and can be used for unethical or malicious purposes. >> Read the entire article here
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