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CompuClever Newsletter - September 2013
Foistware - Messing Up Your PC ExperienceWelcome to the September 2013 edition of the CompuClever email newsletter.  In this article we examine a new term associated with an incident that we increasingly come across when providing support to our customers: “foistware”.  This involves installing an item to your PC or mobile device that you did not intend to have installed.  It typically happens when you click, click, click through an installation and don’t notice that there are additional items included.  In order to prevent this from happening you would have to pay close attention, spot the item, and clear the associated check box. 

In most all cases, getting a clear idea of what you are getting is impossible and the changes that occur are not what you would want.  In many cases the accumulative effect of these add-ons is a noticeable slow down in the performance of your browser.  In this article we describe the condition and then speak to how to detect foistware and how to prevent it from happening.
>> Read the entire article here

Foistware - Removal and RestoreDoes your web browser become slower all the sudden? Are there changes that occur all of a sudden such as having a different and unknown search engine? Does your web browser open up to a homepage that you want to get rid of? These are the typical signs of having your web browser settings modified without your consent, a likely result of your PC suffering from foistware.

If your PC has been affected with foistware, don’t panic. Under most circumstances, you can completely remove foistware and restore your PC back to its original state. This article instructs you how to uninstall unwanted items from your PC and how to restore your Internet browser to its previous state. >> Read the entire article here
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