Learn how to fix PC security issues caused by Java.
How to fix PC security issues caused by Java.
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CompuClever Newsletter - March 2013Welcome to the March 2013 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. We explore in this month's newsletter a contentious subject – Java. It is estimated that more than 850 million PCs across the globe and billions of devices such as mobile and TV devices use Java technology. It is because of the widespread use of Java on devices and web pages that makes it a target for hackers. More than likely, your PC is currently using Java. So, read on and learn about Java, its risks, and how to deal with them.

Java the Hacked[image] There are those that are very insistent that the benefits of Java do not outweigh the fact that this very popular technology and widely-used tool is a target for hackers and virus makers and they are exploiting it. As a result security flaws have been exploited and patches are created in an attempt to keep up with security. First, this article will describe what Java is and where it is used. Some examples of recent security exploits are provided, and then we will offer some solutions and recommendations. >> Read the entire article here

Fix or Disable Java[image]There are Java errors that can appear and require your attention to resolve. Another major issue with Java relates to security. For the purposes of this article we will focus on how to fix Java errors, keep your version of Java recent, and offer recommendations. Simply put: if you want to use Java error free –run the updated version. If you decide on continued use… consider our suggestion for safe surfing. >> Read the entire article here

How to Protect Your Online Identity[image]Have you ever Googled your name online? If you haven’t, try it out: you might be surprised at what you discover. It’s possible that your home phone number, address, family photos and even birthday may appear as search results. Online identify theft happens more often and easier than most PC users imagine. Don't become a victim of identity theft.   >> Read more here

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