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Increase your PC's speed while avoiding paying for more memory

Your PC's performance is directly linked to how much "physical memory" or RAM your PC has - free RAM memory space means programs run more quickly and Windows is more responsive and enjoyable to use.

Many people buy more RAM to speed things up, but buying and adding more physical memory will only be a temporary, expensive measure if you don't manage memory usage on your PC. Even PCs that have a lot of physical memory available still need to watch for actual memory usage because every program you run (and there are a lot of programs that automatically run in the background whether you want them to or not) consumes memory.

Without watching for what programs and applications you are running on your PC, especially the hidden ones and those run automatically from Windows startup are hard to catch. There are tools you can use to see what programs are running and how much memory they use.
Easily view and manage every program on your computer
PC Clean Maestro's gives you easy access to the Windows Task Manager, which provides a quick view of your PC's memory status and usage information. To open the Task Manager, click "Manage" from the main menu, select "Windows System Tools". From the list, locate "Task Manager" and click the "Open" button. Review information provided on both the "Processes" and the "Performance" tab of the Task Manager.

You can even click the the "Mem Usage" column heading to sort programs by memory usage - you can see which applications consume most of your memory, and then you can decide which programs to remove in order to help speed up your computer
Use Clean Uninstall to completely remove programs and increase your memoryPC Clean Maestro 

If you discover you're running applications that take up a lot of memory but you don't even really need, you can actually stop them from running and uninstall them with PC Clean Maestro's Clean Uninstall feature.

Try PC Clean Maestro for free

PC Clean Maestro allows you to remove unwanted applications cleanly and remove junk files and data to free up hard drive space. PC Clean Maestro also protects your online security and privacy by scanning and removing sensitive personal information.

PC Clean Maestro has passed the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo Certification Test, the McAfee SECURE Certification Test and the Intel Partner Software Certification Test. It's clean and safe to use.

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