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CompuClever Newsletter - August 2013
InPrivate Browsing - Web Surfing with Privacy
Welcome to the August 2013 edition of the CompuClever email newsletter. In this article we examine web browsing using the “InPrivate” mode offered by Internet Explorer (IE).  The concept is a simple one – you select a private session so that certain items are not stored on your PC.  We look into the implications, provide instructions on how to begin a session, and we point out the difference between privacy and security.

One of the questions you may ask is “Who would use this and why?”  Well, maybe that’s two questions but let’s not get technical.  We see private browsing as useful if you are using a public computer or a shared computer and you are not sure how secure the PC is.  For example, if you are at a hotel lobby, Internet café, public library, or visiting someone’s home and using their computer.  There is a chance that these systems could already be compromised and your information could be available and used in ways you do not intend.

IE, like other browsers, is adding functionality that brings the option of browsing in a more private manner.  This is a response to improve privacy that is shared by many organizations.  Having the choice to browse privately is a great improvement.  Knowing how to use this is where the information in this article comes in handy.
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