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CompuClever Newsletter - October 2012Welcome to the October 2012 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. This month we have some pointers on how to speed up your Internet without paying more money to your ISP, plus instructions for manually installing Windows updates. We also have some news about some supposed "computer security experts" who get their just desserts.

How to speed up your Internet connectionThanks to an increasing reliance on Internet to do everything from stream movies to facilitate Skype video calling, most of us wish we had a faster Internet connection. There are a few simple things to speed up your Internet without paying more money to your ISP. Read more here.

How to manually install Windows Updatesspeed up your computerIn order to keep your computer safe, Windows will automatically install on your computer "patches" or updates. However, sometimes these automatic updates fail, which can cause security vulnerabilities. On top of that, sometimes it can be tricky to install Windows Updates yourself. Here are some tricks for manually installing Windows updates Windows on your own. Read more here.

"Computer security" telemarketers receive heavy fines As mentioned in a previous blog post, many people in North America have been receiving telephone calls (sometimes on a daily basis) from people advertising themselves as computer security experts. Well, it turns out the two companies were violating telemarketing laws in Canada, and have been fined. Read more here.

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