How to choose a cloud storage solution
How to choose an online storage solution
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CompuClever Newsletter - June 2013Welcome to the June 2013 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. What’s that up in the cloud?  We’re pleased to be able to tackle this latest craze.  From a broad perspective we can say that cloud computing is a new technology that increases capacity of storage and has functionality for anyone to use on the fly – going mobile.  Our mail article describes how data loss can be a good motivator to safer storage practices. With our second article we describe even more reasons why you would use cloud computing and we provide some basic instructions on getting started.  We give our free recommendations for free online storage and file sharing.

Cloud Storage[image]Data loss can be a hardship and being an informed PC user requires knowing about backing up data as a means of prevention.  We focus here on informing our readers about a new technology that is available.  This new technology has become a buzz word and drawn considerable attention – cloud storage.  Here we will look at what it means to be in the cloud and we will highlight some examples of cloud storage and provide our pick for a cloud service provider. >> Read the entire article here

[image]Choosing an Online Storage Solution All this talk about “cloud” and sharing files in the cloud.  It seems we just got our heads wrapped around the idea of surfing the web.  In our most recent article “Cloud Storage” we go into detail about online cloud storage and the reasons for using it.  In this article we will shine some light on making the choice to use online storage and what to look for with cloud storage providers.  We will give our recommendation once again and provide a clear outline of how to use a cloud storage system so you can get up and running.  It is our intent that you take full advantage of this technology by using it for free and having fun with it. >> Read the entire article here
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