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CompuClever Newsletter - July 2012Welcome to the July edition of CompuClever newsletter. This month we're focusing on highlighting some pointers on how to avoid viruses and malware and keep yourself safe. We hope you enjoy it!

Tips for avoiding viruses and malwareYou may have recently heard about a threat to your computer called “DNSChanger”. As a result of this virus or "malware", millions of computers around the world could have potentially lost all connection to the Internet on Monday, July 11th. How did computers become infected? And how can you avoid this problem in the future? 
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How to create a safe passwordPractically every day we hear about email and bank accounts getting hacked, mostly because of  ”password entropy”: we often don’t bother to change passwords frequently, and the passwords we do create are easy to crack. But there are ways to protect yourself and keep your online information safe. 
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How to defrag your hard disk and speed up your PC Your PC’s hard drive and system registry can become fragmented if not maintained regularly. Fragmentation of your hard drive and system registry causes everything to slow to a crawl while your computer attempts to perform seek and write commands. This, in turn, slows down the performance of your entire system. Learn how to avoid this problem. 
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Speed up your computer in 5 daysUse PC TuneUp Maestro to speed up your computer over 5 days by completing 5 tasks - we've created a 5-day boot camp featuring a checklist of fixes that should provide noticable improvements in your computer's speed and performance. 
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