CompuClever Newsletter - June 2012Welcome to the all-new CompuClever newsletter. We've redesigned our monthly newsletter to make it easier to read and to provide a greater variety of Windows tips and tricks to help speed up your computer. This month we're focusing on providing some pointers on how to protect your privacy online. We hope you enjoy it!

How to protect your online identityprotect online privacyThanks to the killer combination of social networks, bad passwords, and highly personal information stored on our computers, we’re all at risk at some point of having our online identity hijacked, sometimes with disastrous results. However, there are easy ways to protect yourself online. Read more here.

3 ways to speed up your PCspeed up your computerIf you've had your computer for more than a year, chances are it isn't running as fast as it should. There are always little things you can do to speed up your PC and help keep it running smoothly, and most of these tricks are simple and easy to do. Read more here.

How to fix Javascript errors how to fix javascript errorsJavaScript is a common scripting language supported by all major web browsers, and adds flexibility and interactivity to web sites. However, while Javascript has developed a bad repuation for producing frustrating error messages, there are things you can do to fix this common problem. Read more here.

PC Clean Maestro Achieves Windows 7 Logo Certificationwindows 7 certificationWe're proud to say PC Clean Maestro has passed Microsoft Corp.-designed tests for compatibility and reliability to achieve Windows 7 logo certification. PC Clean Maestro is our PC utility software engineered to safeguard private information and prevent online identity theft by removing junk files and cleanly uninstalling programs. Read more here.
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