A step-by-step guide of using Microsoft SyncToy to backup your PC.
Free PC Backup with Microsoft SyncToy
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CompuClever Newsletter - October 2013
Free PC Backup with Microsoft SyncToyWelcome to the October 2013 edition of the CompuClever email newsletter. In this article we follow up on a previous recommendation to use a free Microsoft application called SyncToy.  Before we do this, we take a look at the type of files that need to be backed up along with the “when, why, and where” of backing up.

The thought of losing and even attempting to replace some of our valued personal files is reason enough to take a serious look at backing up our digital “valuables”.  For those of us that have a video or pictorial history of our families this is clearly understood.  What we need is to be able to perform backups easily and that’s where SyncToy comes in.  Once you have gotten some of the basics down you will find that not only creating a backup is fairly straightforward but doing ongoing synchronization of files (recent ones with the backed up ones), is fast and easy!

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