Optimize Hard Disk Drives with Disk Defragmentation
Disk fragmentation can impact your PC speed. Learn how defragmentation can restore system performance
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CompuClever Newsletter - January 2013Welcome to the January 2013 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. CompuClever is proud to announce the unveiling of the Disk Defrag tool through our flagship product - PC TuneUp Maestro.  An effective disk defragmenter is a vital utility for all PC users who take an active role in improving system performance. In this newsletter, we present you with a set of comprehensive knowledge and know-hows about how to keep your hard drives in top shape.

Hard Disk Drive Basics[image]The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is the main storage device for your PC; it is the mechanism that writes and reads data on the hard disk. Knowing how it works helps you to understand the right approach to optimize your Hard Disk Drives. >> Read the entire article here

Defragmentation and Optimization[image]The performance of the HDD can be a bottleneck for your PC even if you have plenty of RAM and are using a very high-end processor (CPU). With continued use of you PC this degradation of performance can be more apparent compared to when a PC is new or freshly formatted. Regular defragmentation can result in numerous benefits including the optimization of performance and overall health of your PC. >> Read the entire article here

How to Defrag Your Hard Drives[image]This article contains a full layout of how to dramatically improve the health and performance of your PC by using the PC TuneUp Maestro Defrag Disk utility. It provides information on how to prepare your PC for defrag, step-by-step instructions for using the Disk Defrag tool, and additional tips and features for automated disk defragmentation.
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