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How to clean your PC by removing junk and uninstall applications
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CompuClever Newsletter - April 2013Welcome to the April 2013 edition of the CompuClever newsletter. Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Like your residence your PC can become cluttered with junk if it is not cleaned periodically. In this newsletter we explain why systematic cleaning can improve PC performance and responsiveness. We also present you with a step-by-step guide of cleaning your PC using some of the free functions provided within PC Clean Maestro.

Too Much Junk: Stay Lean and Clean[image]Two months ago we presented articles on defragmentation – one of the most effective methods of improving PC system performance. Prior to applying this procedure it is highly recommended to remove clutter from your PC – what is often referred to as “junk” files. We are going to look at the symptoms your PC could be displaying, followed by examining what some experts suggest and some of the challenges associated with these tasks. >> Read the entire article here

[image]The Clean and Uninstaller ToolsThis blog article focuses on the free functionality of PC Clean Maestro – the removal of Junk files and the Uninstaller. There are considerable advantages to be realized by cleaning your PC. In a nutshell, systematic cleaning can improve PC performance and responsiveness. >> Read the entire article here
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