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CompuClever Newsletter - August 2012Welcome to the August edition of the CompuClever newsletter. This month we're providing some pointers about how to start your PC faster, plus to links to some popular past blog posts. We hope you enjoy it!

How to Start Your PC FasterUnlike super-quick iPhone and iPad mobile devices that turn on and off nearly instantly, PC's often take forever to "boot up" or start. It's one of the minor annoyances of owning a Windows computer. But there is a way to speed things up...
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What's the difference between "Flash" and "Shockwave Flash"?You may have heard of "Flash" and “Shockwave Flash”. If you think they are the same thing, you might be wrong!
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Watch out for new PC maintenance scam You may get a call from someone claiming to be a computer repairman (and this person will most likely have a heavy accent). Once you pick up, there will be a slight pause as they connect you with a “technician”, who will then start asking you questions. Be careful - this is a scam that is becoming more and more of a problem.
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Increase your PC’s speed while avoiding paying for more memoryPC Clean MaestroMany people buy more RAM to speed things up, but buying and adding more physical memory will only be a temporary, expensive measure if you don’t manage memory usage on your PC.
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