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Speed up your Internet by resetting your web browser

Despite lightning-fast broadband and low-cost computers that seem to be growing more powerful every year, many people are still putting up with slow Internet speeds.
Toolbars are a common culprit here, and are often inadvertently installed as add-ons to Internet Explorer. These add-ons can be very difficult to remove.
Did you know that PC TuneUp Maestro has a great feature called "Reset Internet Explorer", which resets your IE to "factory default mode"? This trick allows you to return Internet Explorer to its original, pristine, "factory-installed" state in order to solve common performance problems and errors caused by the installation of too many add-ons, "accelerators", and search providers, all of which conspire to slow down your Internet. To access this amazing feature, click Fix & Clean, select Internet Explorer Repair, locate the item Reset Internet Explorer and then click the Reset button.
Delete "junk files" to increase Internet speeds even morePC Clean Maestro

However, resetting Internet Explorer to its original clean, fast factory state may not be enough to achieve the fastest speeds possible, and you may continue to experience frustratingly slow Internet speeds.

This is because, even after Internet Explorer is reset, your PC can still contain mountains of "cached" or stored data. This data can include both personal identity information and unneeded files that takes space on your hard drive. 

As a result, this "stuff" slows down your web browsing experience (it also makes you vulnerable to identity theft), which means you're losing out on PC performance. 

Try PC Clean Maestro for free

PC Clean Maestro allows you to scan and clean this "junk data" for free. Not only will you speed up Internet Explorer, you can also see what personal information has been captured and cached on your PC.

PC Clean Maestro has passed the Microsoft Windows 7 Logo Certification Test, the McAfee SECURE Certification Test and the Intel Partner Software Certification Test. It's clean and safe to use.

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