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April 2016 Newsletter

Founder's Corner

Roger Moyer


Dependence! Not a nice word as we have come to view it: drug dependent; co-dependent; helpless. Independence? Much better – unless, of course your independence costs me mine. 

From the earliest days of infancy, we navigate four important passages which may be described, in the broadest of terms as dependence, counter-dependence (or reaction), independence and inter-dependence.

Dependence pleads: “Without you I am not free.” Counter-dependence asserts:  “Because of you I am not free.” Independence says: “With or without you, I will be free.” Inter-dependence invites: “Let’s work out our freedoms together.”

Well, that’s the simplified version. It suggests that the development of psychospiritual health moves away from dependence, and in the above sense, that is true. But the flipside is also true. Wholesome inter-dependence rests on a comfortable acceptance of dependency.

When you think about it, there are innumerable things that demand our respect and compliance – gravity, the operations of biochemical processes and the very air we breathe. Dependency shows up even in those portions of life over which we have a degree of choice – food, rest, the use of natural resources and the effects of what we choose to ingest and how we choose to live. We cannot live as we might wish without suffering consequences. There is a parallel, spiritual truth here.

Biblical teaching informs us that God is the Creator and the Sustainer of life in all its physical and spiritual dimensions. It follows therefore, that in the most fundamental sense, we are dependent upon him and upon compliance with his intentions for our continuing existence and wellbeing. Yes, we enjoy a degree of autonomy. We can consider, decide, choose and create, but there again, if our choosing is to serve us well, it must not contradict God’s intentions, for He created us and only he knows best what facilitates our spiritual health. He longs to see us flourish and mature, but for that to be so, our self-centred independence must bow to his authority. The path to life lies in confessing our self-determination, acknowledging our dependence on him and embracing his revealed truth, allowing his identity to be uniquely formed in us.

But what happens then to my identity? C. S. Lewis had something to say about that in his book, The Screwtape Letters. The book is written from the perspective of hell. Screwtape is a senior devil writing to his nephew Wormwood, a lower ranking tempter. Screwtape is giving advice on how best to trip up the followers of the Enemy (God). In one of the letters, Screwtape says:

"Of course I know that the Enemy also wants to detach men from themselves, but in a different way.  Remember, always, that He really likes the little vermin, and sets an absurd value on the distinctness of every one of them.  When he talks of their losing their selves, he means only abandoning the clamour of self-will; once they have done that, He really gives them back all their personality, and boasts (I am afraid, sincerely) that when they are wholly His they will be more themselves than ever."

The words of Jesus come to mind: “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39).

Those who have been hurt while in an abusively dependent relationship must, of course proceed carefully here. We have been discussing a journey out of slavery, not a return to it. Dependency, then, when we are not at war with it, eliminates the need for pretence. It is the basis of humility, growth and wholesome interaction.

Board Business


The Board is seeking new directors.  Please give this volunteer service your prayerful attention.

In accordance with the general responsibilities of Not-for-Profit boards of directors, the principal responsibilities of the CCO Directors are three-fold:
  • To give the organization direction, establishing its vision, mission and values
  • To provide oversight, especially in financial matters, to ensure accountability
  • To ensure the organization has the resources (people, financial and other) it needs to do its work

If you:

  • are a practicing Christian prepared to sign the CCO Statement of Faith
  • have a capacity for a minimum personal time investment averaging four hours a month
  • have management, administrative, financial and/or people experience or would like to gain Board experience working with a small charity
  • would like to help a client-centred charity

We have a place for you!

Please forward a brief CV and your personal contacts (phone and email) to the Board Chair, Dennis Nazarenko c/o
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Triumphant Returns!

Christian Counselling Ottawa is pleased to present the return of Grammy-nominated, multi-award winning Triumphant Quartet!

Join us for an uplifting concert-fundraiser in support of Christian Counselling Ottawa's Subsidy Fund

Friday, September 16, 2016
Doors: 6:00pm, concert: 6:45pm
Cedarview Alliance Church
2784 Cedarview Road
Earlybird tickets: $20, at the door:
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CCO Pembroke Divisional Office

Farewell to Kelsey
This month, we said farewell to Kelsey Parker who practiced from our Pembroke Office.  Kelsey joined CCO just one year ago.  During her short time with us, she accomplished much in that she opened our first office in Pembroke at Calvary Baptist Church.

Daniel Parker now serves Pembroke and area clients at our Christian Counselling Ottawa office located within the Robbie Dean Centre, 715 MacKay St., Pembroke.
Pembroke Subsidy Fund
Church and individuals who wish to donate funds to help Pembroke and area clients requiring subsidies to access CCO services may do so by making donations to Christian Counselling Ottawa.  Please designate your donation "For Pembroke clients".  Charitable receipts will be issued and funds will be designated for use in the Pembroke area.

Prayer Partners

Please pray for our clients, therapists, support staff, the CCO Board, other volunteers, donors and other partners in ministry.

How Can I Help?

  • Be a Prayer Partner
  • Join the Board of Directors
  • Be a volunteer
  • Help reduce mailing costs by sending us your email address

2nd Annual Trivia Fun Night
April Fool's Edition

The 2nd Annual Trivia night proved a fun and successful evening. From what are the four official languages of Belgium to when does winter start in Australia, to what is the only sea with no coast line, we covered the world with questions.  In addition to having lots of fun, learning a few things and having an opportunity to show off what we already know, the event raised just over $1,000 which will help CCO to help people in need of psychotherapeutic services. 
Overall competition was tight with only a single point separating the top team from the second place Team. As it turns out, one point was all that was needed to have the Judge declare Table 5 led by none other than David McKendry, Past CCO Board Chair the winner of the coveted CCOwl Trivia Trophy.
Thank you to all who participated. We are grateful for the support of past Board members Kim Hoy and Adriane Cartmell for their work as MC (Chief inquisitor) and Snack Manager respectively, and Kyra Parker, our CCO staff member who prepared the advertising, tickets, and other support required to make the event a success.
Finally we would thank the members of Ottawa Citadel, a Church of The Salvation Army for allowing us to use their facility, without charge, for the event. 

Thank You to our Church Partners

We are grateful to all of our church partners and would like to say a specific thank you this month to those who have so faithfully supported us in tangible ways so far this year (January - April 2016)
  • Arlington Woods Free Methodist Church
  • Calvary Christian Reformed Church
  • Cedarview Alliance Church
  • Ottawa Citadel a Church of the Salvation Army
  • St. Peter and St. Paul's Anglican Church
  • Vankleek Hill Baptist Church
  • Williamsburg Christian Reformed Church

The CCO Subsidy Fund: Four Ways to Donate

  1. Use our secure online site: - go to the Donate tab and follow the instructions
  2. Mail cheques to Christian Counselling Ottawa, 63 Glencoe Street, Suite 303, Ottawa, ON, K2H 8S5
  3. Use CCO is a participant in this e-giving mechanism
  4. Donate through the United Way: your United Way pledge form must specifically designate Christian Counselling Ottawa and provide the charitable registration number 10780 5806 RR0001

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