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Food Forest News: April 12th 2013

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Food Forest Open Day

Smile! Open Day is this weekend!!

Join us on a walk through The Food Forest permaculture farm at Gawler (80 Clifford Rd, Hillier) this Sunday 14th April - the place is dripping with fruit, nuts and vegetables, cider and wine.

The morning session will concentrate on building with straw bales and and other sustainable architectural techniques. There will be a builder, architect and an engineer who specialize in straw construction to guide you around the display buildings.

In the afternoon Permaculture design will be explained and visitors will learn about drought-hardy orchards, organic gardening, compost making and many other sustainable tricks.

Our movie about Permaculture and the way The Food Forest was designed will show during the lunchbreak and in the afternoon.

Find out more details about the Open Day...

To mulch or not to mulch?

temperature monitor

Is it worthwhile? Annemarie took some temperature readings on a 40 degree day to compare bare soil with mulched soil during the summer and came up with convincing figures. Bare soil got to a blazing 68.4 degrees C whilst nearby soil mulched with straw was moist, dark and 26.4 degrees.

We use cereal straw or (barley in our area) because it lasts so well, only slowly decomposing into humus. We don’t use pea straw as it blows around and tends to contain the eggs of insect pests of legumes like peas and beans.

afghani womens visit

Afghani women rejoice at pistachio harvest

Afghani women now living in Adelaide sang traditional pistachio harvest songs and danced long-remembered steps from their past when they had a chance to knock pistachios from trees at the Food Forest last week. And their lucky families were treated to the delicacy of fresh pistachios (in their soft, pink hulls), a food rarely seen in Australia.

graham holding sapote

The ice-cream trees are loaded 

White Sapote [Casimiroa edulis] (ice cream fruit) is a prolific species from the highlands of Mexico that happens to love SA.

The flesh is like avocado but the flavour can vary from caramel to citrus. They grow well from seed and make the greatest natural ice cream just by squeezing the flesh into an old ice cream container and freezing overnight. The skin makes many people sleepy... Yawn!
More info here...

nicole fossWhat's the foss?

Don’t miss the symposium featuring Nicole Foss on Sat 27 April (9am-5pm in the Bradley Forum, Hawke Centre, UniSA West Campus). The Canadian sustainability, energy and finance guru will address strategies for sustainability.
Download the program here.

river restoration

River Repair day

If you are interested in helping with the planting-up of the repaired erosion scar in the south bank of the Gawler River in the next week or two please let us know.

We’ve laid jute matting to stabilise the bank but 1500 plants are to go in! Date is a little uncertain but we’ll advise you if you join the list of potential helpers.

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