It's a busy time of year at the Food Forest - we have an Open Day, movie launch and PDC on the cards, plus the fortnightly Farmers Market...

March 2013

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter. You may have already noticed we have a new website where we'll be able to provide much more information than we could using the dear old Netscape platform as well as offering an online shop and lots of interactivity. We hope you learn about self reliance, new design tricks and good things that are happening in our community. 

Late January-March is a particularly insane time for permaculture farmers as we are dealing with the full stream of summer vegies, stone fruit, table grapes, wine vintage, nut harvest and a farewell to well-grown young geese to other farms and dinner tables. Add to that the permaculture contribution to WOMADelaide, a stack of fabulous WWOOFers and our own public events program.

Holmgren to teach Permaculture Design in SA

Co-originator of the permaculture concept David Holmgren will teach
in the opening 5-day block of our upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate courseEarlybird prices for the course close 22 March. This unique opportunity to learn with one of the leading exponents and philosophers of permaculture gives you a chance to update your values and techniques or start your permaculture career at the cutting edge. More about David at

Premiere of our new movie

Launch of our new film on Wednesday 13 March at 6pm in the Hewett Centre, 28 Kingfisher Drive, Hewett (Gawler). The public is welcome to attend this free premiere screening. Bookings are essential. Find out more...

New beekeeper with new ideas

The Food Forest’s new beekeeper Mark Johns has brought a novel range of tricks to the enterprise including tasteful second-hand carpet squares to prevent weed growth around the hives and ant proof frames to prevent ant attack of the hives. He also has a permacultural way of enabling bees to get a drink without drowning...
Find out more...

Frantic vintage will produce great wine

The early and compressed season has tested our small-scale wine making system but hell the grapes were good! We are bottling the excellent 2012 vintage as fast as we can to make way for the 2013 juice which will come out of open fermenters in the next few days. Making preservative-free wine requires nerves of steel but we know how many of you are allergic to sulphur and want to drink red wine!

Food security and sustainability in the spotlight at WOMADelaide

Sunday 9 March 4.00pm - 5.00pm
at ‘The Planet Talks’ tent
at Speakers Corner

Is there enough food to feed the world’s growing population? What impact might climate change, water shortages, poor soils and crop disease have on Australian agriculture in the future? Panel: Graham Brookman - The Food Forest, Prof Randy Stringer – University of Adelaide and Prof Dana Cordell – University of Technology Sydney Find out more...

Pickers required

We will need some fit people to knock pistachio nuts from about 13-24 March. Let us know if you are interested. It is hard work, award wages apply and we put on damn fine lunches as part of the deal.

Sarah raises recycling response

Food forest team member Sarah Bisak hit the local headlines with three articles in one issue! Sara is a practicing mother, worm farmer, waste segregator and compost maker who is not afraid to stand up and be counted when it comes to environmental care. She is one of the Food Forest’s regular part-time crew and is a great supporter of the local Natural Resource Centre.

Pigeons’ role as lures

Whilst many land-owners hate and destroy pigeons at every opportunity the Food Forest tolerates the loss of a little grain each year for the somewhat perverse pest control benefit pigeons provide. Raptors love them and circle the farm for hours deciding on which pigeon they’ll have for the next meal. The presence of these raptors makes many other pest bird species very uncomfortable and reduces crop damage significantly.
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