Building with Strawbales earlybird offer ends COB June 7th. Also coming up: Fruit & Nut Growing (July 6), Organic Vegetable Growing & Free-range Poultry (July 7) and Sustainable House Design (July 21).
geese in orchard

Food Forest News: May 31st 2013

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Straw bale building workshop - earlybird prices end COB June 7th

Modelling from the CSIRO suggests that global temperatures are spiralling upwards, possibly taking maximums in Adelaide to 50 degrees by 2050. Straw-bale building combined with double glazing and intelligent shading is a logical design response. Our weekend workshop on Building with Straw Bales will be held on 22-23 June and will incorporate both theory and the construction of a cabin at The Food Forest. Tutors include SA’s most experienced straw-bale architect, builder and engineer.
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Other upcoming courses

Beside Strawbale Building, other short courses soon to be run at the Food Forest include: Fruit & Nut Growing (July 6), Organic Vegetable Growing & Free-range Poultry Production (July 7) and Sustainable House Design (July 21).

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david holmgren on his gopherHolmgren adopts new travel policy

David Holmgren is famous for using train travel rather than greenhouse-gas-belching aeroplanes but he was convinced to travel north with son Oliver on a motorbike.

Alas David managed to smash assorted bones in his foot in a motorbike incident and arrived to teach in the Food Forest Design course on crutches. A very special gopher was waiting for him which made ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ look decidedly tame...

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PDC 2013 projects
Permaculture Design Certificate projects... Africa

Amber Weissgerber signed up for the Permaculture Design Certificate course at the Food Forest hoping to learn something about sustainable design to help with problems associated with water at a small school in Uganda - she got more than she bargained for. Read more... the Adelaide Hills

Permaculture farmer and musician Daniel Aquilina has a steep block in the Adelaide Hills and was wondering how he could give others a true understanding of his design for the land. He was lucky enough to team-up with fellow PDC participant Tom Davies who turned out to be a professional model maker for films like The Matrix and many other projects. Read more...
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loquat planting during PDC
Permablitz installs loquat grove

In a permablitz activity, participants of the Food Forest 2013 Permaculture Design Certificate experienced just how productive 29 motivated volunteers can be. A 350sq metre totally overgrown garden which had been crushed by a falling tree was cleared of debris, pruned and mulched while an ex-peppercorn infested rise was converted into a loquat orchard (in 100 minutes). Loquats have been planted to fill the Food Forest’s gap in fresh fruit production in Spring.

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julia smacking pomegranates
Giving you the pip!

How to get the kernels (arils really) out of pomegranate fruit without smashing them and mixing them with the tannic white pulp surrounding them. Knick the skin of the fruit around its circumference, twist the fruit in half and hold it face down. Now thump it with the back of a stout wooden spoon (or similar) and the seeds fall out. Julia Leuterer shows how in the photos above.

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food for livingBeautiful, seductive and simple

The words describe a wonderful new cook book capturing the recipes used by Chef Cherise Vallet to take permaculture course participants to ‘another level’.

Cherise’s capacity to let the fresh taste, texture and aroma of food speak for itself, creates intense dishes, full of anti-oxidants that incite physical activity and well-being. But there are some wicked desserts too!! Indeed it is ‘Food for Living’. Get your copy now via our online shop for only $27 including postage and handling.
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river revegetation
River Repair on track

The monster erosion hole in the south bank of Gawler River absorbed 1300 tonnes of earth, 300 tonnes of rock beaching and has been successfully revegetated with 2600 plants of some 20 locally indigenous species, arrayed up the bank according to their floodability and drought hardiness.

Huge thanks to everyone who came out to help at short notice for the river repair day and subsequent working bee. Pictured above at the working bee are Rob Knight Convenor of the Gawler River Riparian Restoration Group, Emily Griffiths Coordinator of the Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre and Food Forest students Giuliano Della Riva (Italy) and Sarwa Harcha (Chile).

Read more about Ecodynamic Nursery's donation of the plants used in the project and the parliamentary address by the SA Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation & Minister for Water Ian Hunter... 
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gail gago and graham brookmanSurprise visit by Minister

South Australia’s Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development
Gail Gago dropped in to inspect The Food Forest on a country trip recently. She was particularly interested in the on-farm value adding, the direct marketing of food using farmers markets and the harmonisation of the farm with the Gawler River biodiversity zone which provides habitat for the beneficial insects and birds so important in enabling the farm to achieve certified organic status.
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