1 August 2019, Leonardo 52:4 release
About the cover: NOISE AQUARIUM, interactive installation in the Deep Space 8K at Ars Electronica 2018, Linz, Austria, September 2018. 

Once a year, Leonardo/ISAST publishes the SIGGRAPH journal issue, the result of an ongoing collaboration between Leonardo and ACM SIGGRAPH to showcase the community of artists, designers and scholars working with computer graphics and interactive technologies.
This publication coincides with SIGGRAPH 2019 and will mark over twenty years of partnership between SIGGRAPH and Leonardo.
donna coxThe 2019 ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art is awarded to Donna J. Cox, a recognized pioneer in the art of scientific data visualization. As an artist, she collaborates with scientists and technologists to create insightful presentations of numerical data and scientific concepts. Cox’s work has been internationally pivotal in the convergence of art/science digital research. She’s best known for defining Renaissance Teams, “where specialists provide a broad spectrum of skills in the quest for discovery,” and for her pioneering use of supercomputers in artistic applications, the design and cinematic presentation of numerical data, groundbreaking IMAX science films, popular fulldome planetarium/museum shows, science documentaries and virtual reality software. Over the last 25 years, she and her collaborators have inspired millions of people through compelling virtual tours, interactive exhibitions and high-fidelity groundbreaking productions. ACM SIGGRAPH is honored to recognize Donna J. Cox as an important pioneer in the art of scientific data visualization. Find out more
Chaired by Everardo Reyes

SIGGRAPH 2019 marks the eleventh joint publication by ACM SIGGRAPH and Leonardo/ISAST of this special issue of Leonardo. The Art Papers program brings together communities of researchers and practitioners working at the intersections of art, design, humanities, science and technology. For this edition, the open call encouraged authors to submit project descriptions, theory/criticism of digital art, methods/techniques of creative practices and history/media archaeology of materials and supports. Art Papers featured in the journal include:
CAVE: Making Collective Virtual Narrative
by Kris Layng, Ken Perlin,
Sebastian Herscher, Corinne Brenner
and Thomas Meduri

CAVE set out to disruptively change how audiences collectively experience immersive art and entertainment.

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06_AP2_Terra-MarsTerra Mars: When Earth Shines on Mars through AI’s Imagination
by Weili Shi
Artistic renderings of Mars with visual reference to our very own planet Earth using a new approach to creative applications of artificial intelligence. Find out more
Park_Fig6Secrets of Balanced Composition as Seen through a Painter’s Window
by Jin Wan Park
The author implements a subset barycenter pattern to analyze various paintings using a tool inspired by Gombrich's theory of a painter's window and Locher's psychological research on computational balance. Find out more
23_AG11_Knowing-TogetherWeaving Objects: Spatial Design and Functionality of 3D-Woven Textiles
by Claire Harvey, Emily Holtzman, Joy Ko, Brooks Hagan, Rundong Wu, Steve Marschner and David Kessler
3D weaving is an industrial process for creating volumetric material through organized multiaxis interlacing of yarns. Find out more
Chaired by Brittany Ransom

The SIGGRAPH Art Gallery has historically existed as a leading space for artists whose practices fuse compelling creative vision with technological innovation. The Art Gallery has continually established itself as a leader in generating an annual space for creative contemplation within the art and technology community. For the first time in three years, the Art Gallery returned to an open juried call, allowing the opportunity and conversation within this area of the conference to be shifted back into the hands of a global art community.

Additional articles and gallery art in the issue span a range of art/science topics from the SIGGRAPH conference. Leonardo is available from MIT Press in print and digital editions as well as via download at a library near you!

Photo credits, beginning at top with cover:
© Victoria Vesna, photo Glenn Bristol; © NCSA, 2019; © and Art: Kris Layng, 2018; © Weili Shi, clouds texture credit: NASA; © Jim Wan Park; Piet Mondrian paintings public domain; © VTRG 2019. Photo: Emily Holtzman.

The Leonardo Book Club series provides opportunities for our authors to connect with our readers. This month, join Leonardo author and recipient of the 2019 SIGGRAPH Best Paper Award Kris Layng for a discussion of his work. To get updates of discussions in Leonardo Book Club, go to
In 2017 we commenced a quarterly recognition of exceptional peer reviewers in our network. This month we extend our gratitude and congratulations to the following for their in-depth and deeply constructive feedback on papers under consideration for publication:

Terence Broad is an artist and researcher based in London. He is currently completing his PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London. His work has been exhibited worldwide, at venues such as Ars Electronica, The Barbican and The Whitney Museum of American Art.

Terumi Narushima is a composer, performer and sound designer who specialises in alternative tuning systems. Her works include Tritriadic Chimes, a sound installation for LA MicroFest, Hidden Sidetracks, a composition for custom-made instruments premiered by Ensemble Offspring at the Sydney Opera House, and Mizu No Rin, a commission for Synergy Percussion.

Daria Tsoupikova is an Associate Professor in the School of Design and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her work lies at the crossroads of artistic and technological innovation, and investigate computational creativity to design real life applications that advance healthcare, education and social change.

Find out more
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