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Welcome to the first issue of the T&T Monthly

Thomas & Thomas has taken the giant leap into the digital realm—and we’ll be the first to admit, it’s a bit daunting. Even so, we’ll be using our newly redesigned website, blog—Tangled Lines—  and this monthly newsletter to keep you in-the-loop with what’s going on at T&T. And for those even more Social-savvy among you, our Facebook pageTwitter feed, and Vimeo channel will be right up your alley. Glad to have you along.

The T&T catalog returns

A fellow fly fisherman who knows a thing or two about positioning premium products (he’s the Chief Gemologist at Tiffany & Co) once said he believed the early T&T catalogs to be the most important product the company ever produced. And we’re sure the compulsive collectors among you have noted that, to our regret, T&T did not put out a catalog in 2011. We hope that our 2012 catalog makes up for it.

The new catalog features the entire Thomas & Thomas rod line up as well as a brief synopsis of our history. It also represents the first opportunity for us to make a ‘statement of intent’ regarding the future of Thomas & Thomas now that we have a new owner, Mark Richens. Of course, Mark is not just a new owner, but an owner that is ‘hands-on’ and a genuine fly fisherman. Putting a catalog together, just like building a fly rod, is a labor of love. Here’s what we’ve done:

We’ve changed the format a little (the print version is physically larger than previous years), we’ve changed the feel a little (more atmospheric imagery that captures the reasons why we fish) and we’ve changed our brand identity a little (we’ve got rid of the multiple logo’s we’d accumulated over the years). What we haven’t changed is our focus on bringing you fine fly rods that will enrich your time on the water.

Finally we’ve used the catalog to dispel a few rumors. When a company changes hands its natural that people will speculate regarding its future plans. Nowadays the internet gives fortune-tellers and skeptics a voice that can be heard the world over. Consider the reintroduction of our catalog yet another affirmation that T&T will remain in the business of making fine fly rods from graphite, glass and bamboo – and making them all right here in Massachusetts, USA - for a long time to come.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Lance and Louis Cahill for their photographic contributions, and Chris Jackson for the graphic design. You can get your hands on an actual printed catalog by sending your name and address in an email to with Catalog Request in the subject line, or you can view it digitally here.

As always, your feedback regarding information and features you'd like to see in future catalogs is welcomed.

 View catalog...

Meet the NS5. No Sanctuary.

A couple of our new product introductions are already exceeding all expectations. We’ll share some love about our new TNT line-up in another post, but the NS5 (NS = No Sanctuary), our new fast-action five-weight is off and running. We could say flying off the shelves, but in reality they never make it to the shelves in our warehouse…our dealers and distributors are grabbing them as soon as our signature’s on them.

We know there were those among you who questioned our decision to launch a fast trout rod— and indeed Tom Dorsey had reservations. But this is a Tom Dorsey-designed fast five. It is not a broomstick by any means, but it does have serious reserves of power. Experienced casters are regularly touting this rod as one of the best distance rods they have ever cast. We had the rod at the IFTD show in New Orleans last August and industry professionals were returning from the casting pond shaking their heads in disbelief. If/when you get a chance, give this rod a try – it’s not the ONE…but for many it’s definitely their 5.

The response we’ve been getting from the folks that have been fishing them has been very good as well — like this review on Fly Life Online, a site dedicated to fly fishing in Australia and New Zealand. And just in case you have reservations about whether this fast-action rod will cushion tippet, guide John Coles, proves otherwise with these photos of a couple fish its caught in notoriously tricky New Zealand waters (click on the image to view):

A new blog feature: From The River.

One of our priorities at T&T, and on this blog, is to share experiences and perspectives that speak to what we all, as fly fishers, love most about our sport—the passion, sacrifice, celebration, camaraderie, adventure and truth that motivates us.
To that end, as this blog and our involvement in the Social conversation grow, we'll be featuring different voices that offer those experiences and perspectives—guides, photographers, writers, artists, pro-staff and folks who simply live and love the fly fishing lifestyle.
One such voice is Kevin McWhirter. Kevin is a fourth generation camp manager and salmon guide at Camp Brule on the Gaspé. With 30 years on the Petite Cascapedia River to his credit, Kevin has some tremendous insight to share.
We're excited to introduce a new series on the blog, written by Kevin, called From the River. These posts will include recollections from the past, stories and river reports on the current season and changing nature of the season from when the salmon arrive in early summer, to when they spawn in late fall.

So, please welcome Kevin to the conversation—and check out his first installment: My first 30 years.

'Boo week at Camp Brule

We're excited to announce the first ever bamboo week at Camp Brule scheduled for the week commencing Sunday 29th July, 2012. The week will be hosted by Troy Jacques, master bamboo rod builder at Thomas & Thomas. It’s our aim to facilitate a week of camaraderie and exciting fishing for a maximum of six bamboo enthusiasts.

Late July and early August is a tremendous time to be chasing silver on our beautiful Gaspe rivers – the Petite Cascapedia, Grand Cascapedia and Bonaventure. At this stage of the season there is a good population of fish in the rivers with bright, new fish still entering daily. Importantly, the higher water temperatures and (often) lower water levels means this is dry fly time. The spectacle of large Atlantic salmon rising to engulf delicately-placed Wulff’s and Bomber’s is a sight to behold.

We can think of no more fitting way to fish the Gaspe than with a beautifully crafted bamboo rod and nickel silver reel. Rods for #7 and #8 lines will be perfect for our quarry although you may wish to bring a lighter set up for the sea-run brook trout that also run these rivers. Troy will be bringing a couple of prototype rod designs for guests to try out.

Ours is an area rich in fly fishing tradition and we’re sure you’ll find the camp as inspiring as your favorite bamboo rod. So if fine fly fishing for bright salmon combined with comfortable lodgings, good food, convivial company and the chance to discuss the finer points of rod building with Troy, sounds like your kind of week please get in touch by emailing me to reserve your space and receive a detailed itinerary.

July 29th – August  5th (7 nights, 6 days of guided fishing)
Maximum of six rods
Price per person C$4,410 + tax
Please note Camp Brule is a catch and release only lodge.

To reserve your space call Camp Brule Manager, Kevin McWhirter on (506) 451-8198 or email

What makes a T&T fly rod...a T&T fly rod? (video)

Rolled with love, baked to perfection, impeccably dressed, signed and sealed—by making our rods in-house, we have complete control of quality from design to finish. Simply click on each image and enjoy these videos of our product in the making.



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