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(and is only partially frozen)
Happy Valentine's Day!
It's the day of looooove. And I want you to know, I love you. I appreciate you. And, since I can't send this chocolate to you, I'm going to think about you while I eat it.*

*that's not true. I was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I'm not allowed to eat the chocolate. In fact, I have not eaten chocolate in over a week and when I did eat a single Hershey's kiss, it made me feel icky. So... healthy progress?!
Happy Snow Day(s)!
You know what I'm not loving? The freezing... everything.

That's right, this year Texas has frozen over in the name of what-in-the-world-is-happening-in-global-warming. A state of emergency has officially been issued for the county where I live. Snow. Ice. Freezing rain.

Cupid must have lost his bow and arrows and decided to throw everything else at us instead. That being said, my work schedule may be a bit cabobbled this coming week as our electrical lines, cable lines, and general lines of communication freeze over.*

*I'm sending you this from my phone as my internet has already been glitchy this weekend.
Last Week in Design
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Or at least when two creative people come together and just get it? Laura said pink and animal print, and I said - "SHOOT YEAH!"*

There's a website redesign coming soon, too!

*actual quote.
Monday - Sunday
When the great freeze of 2021 allows.
Please text me for updates.
On a personal note...
I got new glasses that ind me of bat wings and have transition lenses.
I met a real life unicorn.*
*okay, not really, but look at their fun mane!
Beautiful flowers for an early valentine's Day.
I got new glasses that match my hair! I am so professional.
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