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I'm a homeschool teacher now
Social distancing is easy for me, staying inside and being generally reclusive and weird is totally my jam.*

What is not my jam is teaching. I mean, sure, I "played" teachers as a wee lass; and I even considered becoming a teacher for a hot minute. But, both of those things passed in the night - much like my once-upon-a-dream of becoming a big city boss lady.**

So yeah. I'm a homeschool teacher now which means my schedule is spent 50% working on your projects, 35% googling how to do third grade geometry***, and 15% trying to remember what I was working on and what I was googling.

Please bear with me as I adjust to this new schedule. It looks like Tyler, TX will be in quarantine until April 17th but, like most places, an extension is probably forthcoming.

So, please be safe and stay healthy! If you can stay home, stay home. If you can homeschool...well, I recommend finding someone else to do that. But not me.

*also my jam: blackberry...which i should be learning to make since we have blackberries getting ready to sprout, launch, bloom, grow...what is the right verb here?

**that whole paragraph is laughable if you know me. all my "play" students failed and I became an evilish principal...which really makes my evilish stepmother role more obvious.

***i don't have to google for percentages! :)
Last Week In Design
If my career as a graphic and website designer fails miserably during this particular biological contamination, I can always become a lamp designer for the dark days ahead.

That was a bit of dark humor.

Seriously, though, I was tapped to create this logo for Eli's Magic Lamp which will be an online store bringing the Mediterranean to you!
Homeschool/Work Schedule
New normal hours until the COVID-19 quarantine is over. Please note, I will be available via text and on the weekends as needed. If I have missed a deadline or you are expecting something from me that you haven't seen, please contact me ASAP and I will make sure to get it to you right away!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Thursday, Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Weekends as needed * Available for TEXT conferencing as needed

On A Personal Note...

Making my own cross stitch patterns, because reasons. (reasons being four-eyed pigs)
I finished the snoot. In the wrong color. Shhhhh.
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