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You like me, you really like me!
I admit it, I'm no Sally Field... I can't act my way out of a paper bag, but I can design one!* And, you're testmont to that.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent some Valentine's love and left a review or sent an email with a review for me and my work. I truly couldn't be more appreciative.

I promise, all the praise won't go to my head... there's not enough room up there anyway with all the song lyrics I remember for no good reason. Instead, I shall continue to strive to be the best design tool you have and to continue to make sure you look sooooo good.

*(not that the paper dag needs a redesign, it functions pretty well as is)

If you didn't get a chance to leave a review or comment, and you feel compelled to do so here's where you can lay it out about how awesome (and humble and modest) I am:

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Last Week In Design
I was super honored to develop the logo for Blue Wave Voiceover. Niche markets need branding too! If you're into - or are looking at getting into - liberal/progressive/blue/democratic politics, and you need voiceover work, check them out! A whole network of voiceover professionals dedicated to your political voice.
Let's Leap Into March
Because it's a Leap Year... get it?!


Okay, I'll stop. I'm no Elayne Boosler, either. I am, however, ready for spring. Not that I'll be going outside, I don't do that. I prefer to soak up my vitamin D through my windows, shielded from the creepy crawlies and impending sweat*.

(Texas doesn't have a spring so much as it has an early summer)

Anywho. Here's my upcoming work schedule:

Friday, February 29 (leap day): UNAVAILABLE

I'll be making merry at a wedding; throwing bird seed and frolicking with nature like a modern day Snow White.

Friday, March 6 - Monday, March 16: 8:00am - 2:00pm
This is Spring Break for Charlie so I'll be working half days and half evenings.

8:00am - 2:00pm; 4:00pm - 6:00pm

On A Personal Note...

I don't share much about my partner-in-crime, but when I do, it's puntastic.
Some days, you do what the coffee tells you.
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