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(and is rebuilding a bathroom)
The short story...
My home will be under emergency construction on Monday and Tuesday to rebuild my bathroom after a pipe bursting incident immediately following the sowpocalypse.

I will be out of the office and unavailable for work on Monday and Tuesday this week (March 1 & 2).

If we have a conference call or zoom scheduled, I will be taking those, but I will have limited access to files and materials.
The long story...
I promise, all of these things are related. Come along in this journey with me.

I bought a house almost two years ago. The house was built in 1953, so some renovations needed to be done to accommodate my modern, millennial, lifestyle (you know, like closets, and a bedroom that can store a bed AND a dresser).

I found an amazing contractor and he began ripping down walls. With the walls came the ceiling. Uh-oh! No problem, we'll hold off on adding a bathroom and fix that pesky roof-over-our-head problem first.

A short while ago we found that the ceiling was starting to... slide. No problem, we'll save the money to have the other side of the ceiling torn down and rebuilt.

Another short while ago we found that the floor was settling again. No problem, we'll JACK. THE. HOUSE. UP. and reinforce the support beams about one per month until it's all done.

Queue the snowpocalypse. And my craving for something sweet. That something sweet came in the form of my partner baking me a pineapple upside UP cake - SIDE STORY (still relevant): we didn't have eggs so he had to use egg whites which lead to the cake 1) spilling over onto the base of the oven and 2) the pineapple rounds rising to the top of the cake.


This past week was my Charlie's mom's birthday (he's my bonus son, you know). I decided to make her 35 chocolate/peanut butter macarons, but as I've never made macarons before I wanted to do a test batch. I made the batter and preheated the oven. But the pineapple upside up sugar smoked up the whole house. We had to clean the oven and my batter was ruined.

The next day my contractor arrived to finish the built in shelf that was put in place to keep that whole sliding ceiling thing from continuing to happen until I could save enough to replace said sliding ceiling. BUT I had to shift gears and make a cake for the momfriend.

Rather than get dust everywhere from sanding (and ruin my cake!), the contractor decided to put in another support under the house near the kitchen. Excellent.

Except... it wasn't excellent.

The normally, ridiculously dry underbelly of my home was now damp. But why?

Queue a very skinny man crawling under my home only to discover that there was, at some point, a slow leak from my bathroom that became a fast leak when the pipes froze, thawed, and burst. My contractor switched directions again and showed me pictures and video of the damage under the floor of the bathroom.

EMERGENCY demolition ensued, lest we fall through the floor boards at a most inconvenient time. The money that was saved to keep the roof over my head was redirected to keep the floor under my feet and the walls around me.

So, I now have a bathroom sized whole in my house (minus the tub, thank goodness for small miracles) and massive reconstruction happening on Monday and Tuesday to rebuild the supports, floor, and bathroom of my house/office.

For this reason, I will not be working on Monday and Tuesday. Instead, I will be pretending it's the weekend and learning a new crafting skill: metal stamping. I will return on Wednesday with a new bathroom and a new outlook on plumbing and homes on foundations.

Moral of this story: pineapple upside down cakes CAN save bathrooms.

Thank you in advance for your patience. I will be accepting any and all bathroom humor memes and emails through the end of March.
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I am a huge supporter of normalizing the conversation around mental health and mental illness. If we can't laugh at our own brain trolls, what can we laugh at? Take a mental health break over at Old Lady Dodge - Funny Side of Mental Illness... laugh, smile, share, and support!
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On a personal note...
The Gnome:
I want him.
I ran a fundraiser for Charlie's cat at his mom's house to have hernia surgery. As a thank you, I made these cat-butt coasters. You're welcome.
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