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Too. Hot. To. Do.
Is anybody else's face melting off their face this summer?

Just me?


Every time I step outside - which, to be clear, isn't often because of 'rona - I feel like Madeline Kahn from Clue (except more colorful).
We are still in the first phase of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Which is less than fun. But you know what can be fun? The new fashion accessory of 2020: Face masks and upper lip sweat.

Charlie and I wear ours everywhere we go... when we go somewhere.

PS: I haven't decided yet if I'm going to tell him when the pandemic is over. Just for my own giggles.

Maintaining my evilish stepmother title with glee.
Last Week In Design
Look at this happy little fella! It's a logo design for a corgi lover and a dichroic glass artist. Website coming soon. Butt hearts are already live. #logos #branding #yeahidothat
The More You Know
I have a new random vocabulary lesson for you. All that homeschooling has really gone to my head.
  • Theme: a custom, or third party website design that is customizable for your needs (fonts, colors, images, some layout).
  • Template: a third party design that has very little customization options - mostly a find and replace for images and content.
  • Custom Design: a custom design that is entirely customized for your website only. Further customization is used only for in-site images and content.
These are a few distinctions that you should really know about when dipping your toes into the vastness of websites. I, personally, never use templates for my websites. They are limited and limiting.

I do offer third-party theme customization to save on cost for some clients; but, ultimately a completely customized site design is better than anything. It allows me total control over how your website appears on any device and at any size. It also allows me to transfer your site between being a site or a strictly HTML site with ease.
Summer Schedule
My face isn't the only thing on fire this summer. The world, it is burning. Sometimes I doubt how we'll all heal from 2020 and I wonder what 2021 could possibly bring to the table in regards to normalcy - whatever that means.

All that to say, I'm taking a mental health day this week because I need it. I need the day and the mental health. If you have any extra, send it my way. It's a rough one out here for your fellow empaths and creatives.

OFF THIS FRIDAY (July 10) to tame my brain trolls.

A minor update the summer schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Friday:
9:00am - 12:00pm; 2:00pm - 6:00pm
9:00am - 2:00pm
8:00am - 5:00pm

On A Personal Note...

I dyed my hair.
(not my mustache)
This is my new boyfriend, Apollo.
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