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(and uses humor to deal with everything)
Please rest assured that despite my jokes (surprise, I use humor to deal with pretty much everything) I am taking COVID-19 very seriously and taking all precautions to protect myself and my family. I hope that you are doing the same and staying safe and healthy.
Coronapocalypse Update

Real quick - a coronapocalypse update: I am alive and well. Plugging away at work slowly, but surely.

Homeschooling is proving to be 20% blessing and 80% struggle not to end up in jail...but it's coming along Charlie is doing well, and I still have most of my hair.

I had bronchitis for the first three weeks of the quarantine, so that was fun. It's finally starting to go away, although if I run my mouth too much the cough comes back with a fury, so that's still fun. I'm trying to avoid conference calls because of this.

Any plans I did have to leave my house and socialize like a "normal" human has gone out the window, leaving me more or less the "abnormal" human I've always been. I do, however, missing seeing my people people, not just pets I refer to as people.

Also, Charlie's mom and I have been making washable face masks and donating them to health and essential workers. I tried to create a Facebook marketplace listing, but it's been denied four times. So I gave up. If you're a health care or essential worker and you need some, let me know. We are happy to give them to you. If you just want them for personal use, we are accepting donations to cover the costs of materials alone. You can find the listing and some images on Momosaurs

Tips for Surviving in Pajamas

Now, for some information for those of you not used to living in pajamas and staying home all day, every day:

  1. It's completely normal to forget what day, week, month, and year it is.
  2. You should change pajamas every three days - and try to bathe at least as often. You WILL need a reminder for this.
  3. Your animals will start to respond to you in ways you never imagined.
  4. Feed and water yourself, even when you think you don't have to. You have to.
  5. Welcome to the world of "lazy"...if you work from home, once work is done you're not going to want to do home work - which is OK. If you're not working at home, you're not going to want to do anything - which is OK. Being in the house all day is hard on your mental health, go easy on yourself and celebrate the smaller things you do manage to accomplish.
  6. Go outside. Into your backyard, on your patio, front porch, whatever. Soak up the sun, the fresh air. Name the squirrels. Just do it. You'll feel better, so will the squirrels.

Not all of us are built for this. Even those of us who are made for this are struggling. But this too shall pass - just make sure you have a Coronabuddy to let you know when it's over.

Check in.
Be safe.
Stay healthy.

PS: Don't stick your children in a closet. Or do, with homework, so you have an excuse.
Last Week In Design
Have I bragged enough about my amazing clients and friends? I don't think so, so here's some more. One of my clients who is in the process of moving from GA to NY, reorganizing her nonprofit, and dealing with her autoimmune issues, is now putting together small bottles of personal hand sanitizer to distribute to those in need in her surrounding areas. How amazing is that? She asked me if I would put together the label for these tiny bottles - of course I would!
Homeschool/Work Schedule
Now that we have two weeks of homeschooling under our belt, we've learned a lot and I'm adjusting my schedule to best serve my clients and my child (because that's important, I'm told, like feeding him every day).

Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Monday*, Thursday*, Friday*: 1:00pm - 6:00pm

( * 9:00am - 12:00pm - I will be available for online work and website updates ONLY. I am not homeschooling in my home these days and have limited access to files and materials.)

Weekends as needed * Available for TEXT conferencing as needed
This weekend is Easter! I am going to take Friday off to dye eggs and create baskets for Charlie and his half-sister. I will not be available for work on Good Friday or Easter Sunday, so if you need something from me for the weekend, please let me know right away. Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you enjoy a chocolate bunny ear.

On A Personal Note...

workin' on our face masks.
kids sizes too.
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