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We're pleased to share a recent story from Ozy that features our work to transform schools in juvenile justice facilities around the Country.  Although the story focuses on our Director, David Domenici, it offers a comprehensive look at juvenile justice education.  


The article highlights the challenges. Too many students in the juvenile justice system attend failing schools, where, in the words of a student interviewed in the piece, "they gave us work you'd give a 7 year-old," or worse attend 'schools' with no real teachers where students take online courses all day without support.  The author is correct when she writes that "the landscape of correctional education is motley at best." Schools in juvenile justice facilities are rarely held accountable by state and district education authorities.


The article also spells out the basic economic reason we should improve the schools in juvenile facilities--because even if it is costly to do it well in the short run, it will save all of us money in the long run. Lots of it.  


In the end, though, the article reminds us that providing a high quality education for incarcerated youth is the right thing to do, regardless of its cost or value.  It's what we each want for our children, and it's what we should all want for these children, too.


We hope you enjoy the piece, will share it with your friends, and find a way to get involved with this issue.


The CEEAS Team

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