Happy Chinese Lunar New Year !
Dear Sir/Madam:

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

May the year of the Horse bring you prosperity, joy, and good health! Let us take a moment
to thank you, our valued customers for choosing NexPCB over the past year. We’re looking
forward to making this next year even better!


Just a quick reminder to all of our customers, the New Year holiday will run from
Jan 28th through Feb 6th! Any orders that are submitted during this time of celebration
will be readily processed on
Feb 7th. Our NexPCB sales team will still be providing normal
customer service throughout this time.

We are celebrating the New Year with a new product: the  PCB layout design package.
This new service will cut down on precious design time, decrease waste; all while getting the
boards to market quicker than ever before! The layout design package applies to boards of
2 Layers with 300 Pins, 4 Layers with 1000 Pins6 Layers with 1500 Pins.

Use promotion code NexPCB-Layout-CBGVDC5ICKA7 " (expires 04/01/14) 
We’ll even give you 
10% off your PCB layout packages! Take advantage of the offer now!
Our valued services include                                  
1. PCBPCBA Manufacturing
Everything from prototypes and low-volume orders to massive production.
(NO minimum order quantity required!) 
2. Supreme Quality Control
FULL inspection before shipping plus customized functional testing upon request.
3. Easy Online Ordering 

NexPCB’s online shop turns complex production into a few simple clicks.
4. Streamlined Work Order System
It makes visible of every single step from placing order to shipping. [Try the WO demo]
5. Assured Warranty
PCB or PCBA repairs/revisions/returns - all hassle-free.

In business since 2005, and with 9 years experience in EMS, it’s no wonder we have many 
successful cases to show for our efforts. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or leave
a message for our support team!
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