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Full Moon: August 10, 2014 - Year 12, Issue 8

Just Do It!

Traditionally, the two summertime issues of HEN are my time to replenish – where I keep content slim and rest time large. So here is my short reflection:
Recently, a dear friend of mine called me out of the blue to say she was going to be in town for 24 hours and might I be around? 
She couldn’t have called at a worse time: I am teaching a Masters level course at the moment at Royal Roads University. It’s a great course (on analyzing and managing conflict and change in organizational settings) with brilliant students. And it’s all consuming. Oh, and did I mention - my step-son was arriving that same night from out of province for his annual summer visit?
My friend’s visit seemed like impossible timing and still, I went for it. She arrived with her young son, into a house full of chaos. I was immersed in planning for the next day’s teaching. Of course, my printer was on the fritz and my laptop was crashing periodically (I’m not kidding). My daughter left to the airport with my friend’s son – to pick up my step-son – and my friend and I got work done. She practiced her viola and I made PowerPoints for my class.
By the time my daughter, my friend’s son and my step-son all arrived from the airport, I was basically ready to head out. We all piled in my car, and drove out to another friend’s private lake. The kids went swimming, my friend and I went hiking and my class the next day was great.
The next morning, as we all headed in our different directions, I felt refreshed, renewed, replenished!

And a week later, I still light up with smiles when I think about the incredible memory we co-created in those 24 hours.

So, summer is almost over. If you have any more opportunities to make memories, just go for it!
"That it will never come again
 is what makes life so sweet."
… Emily Dickinson


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“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”  
… Annie Dillard
  • Are you avoiding any conversations you know you should have?
  • Did you know the longer you avoid conflict, the bigger it usually gets?
  • Have you noticed the more you put into your relationships at work, the easier your life gets?
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Did you know managers spend an average of 50% of their day dealing with conflict? Yet most leaders receive minimal - or no – training on how to analyze and manage conflicts productively. So instead they spend their days putting out fires – dealing with the recurring complaints their hear from bickering direct reports or trying to manage up or with their peers. There is a better way! I’ll be starting new training for 2014. It's not location specific, so join up here.


Some people prefer the convenience of studying on their own. If that’s you, I’ve created TWO self-study courses for you! The first one – Making Tough Conversations Great comes in 10 easy to read modules where you learn the Tough Conversations systems with actionable, practical steps. This e-course also comes with a free personalized one-on-one telephone coaching session with me – valid for up to 10 weeks after registering for the self-study course. To find out more, click here.
You can also sign up for a second course I collaborated on with colleague, Judy Zehr – a psychotherapist and expert in neuroscience, emotional regulation, and mindfulness. Together we’ve created a value-packed self-study program designed to help you keep your cool in hot conversations. A must for anyone who has to face stressful conversations. Click here to find out more.


Marla Sloan and Clare Sprowell have crafted a beautiful looking and elegantly working process to help people engage conflict kinaesthetically! This “Mediator in a Box" is a tool people can use to practice having those difficult conversations. It was originally designed to help two people resolve their own conflicts together and has been tested to do just that.

If you are curious about what they are offering, you can check out Mediator in a Box

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