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Full Moon: August 1, 2012 - Year 10, Issue 8
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“The truth is, you already are. It is finished. It is absolutely and totally possible, and freely available, to step out of this limitation of the Self and rest as your true nature right now.”    … Julie Sarah Powell
Traditionally, the summer issues of HEN are my time to replenish - where content is slim and rest time is large.
Last month, I traveled to my birthplace of Montreal and reflected on the nature of home. Now that I’m back, I’m acutely aware that it is the mid-way point of summer and I have a great need to pull back and rest.
That calling has got me curious. What does resting really mean? 
In an attempt to understand better, I dived into the word “rest”. Here’s what I found:
Rest is from the 15th century French “rester” – to remain. “Rester” traces back to the Latin “restare” - meaning: “re” = “back” and “stare” = “to stand.” 
Rest means to “stand back.” That’s interesting!
I believe there is something innate in all of us that craves standing back at this “turning of the summer” time of year and that can look different for people. 
For example, someone I know is at the Olympics right now and looking at her pictures today on facebook, she really looks rested. Given the deeper meaning of “rest” – that makes sense! She is standing back from her everyday life. That gives perspective.
For me, lately, a deep sense of rest has come from two places:
Meditation – I’ve taken to meditating in the evening sometimes, just after dinner, for around 30 – 40 minutes. That’s been good medicine. Meditating at that time has a settling effect on me for the rest of the evening. Meditating for that length of time has started to pry my monkey mind’s power over dictating my reality. I have started to see, if even for short glimpses, how much my world is impacted by the way I interpret it – for better or for worse. How lovely! What freedom!

Nature – I went for a hike recently and from the first minute I entered the forest, I felt myself relax. According to emerging research, even the first 2 minutes in nature decreases stress – as measured by muscle tension, blood pressure and brain activity. Notice it for yourself the next time you venture into a wild space. Given that 99.9 percent of our evolutionary history has been spent in nature - our physiology is still adapting to nature. Our fast-paced lifestyles place us in an overstimulated state which creates stress, and living in artificial environments denies us the exposure to the healing properties of nature. Coming back to nature is an actual physiological homecoming.
What makes you feel rested?  

Now that the summer is starting to wane, how will you stand back? Give yourself permission to do some resting this month! I’d love to hear what rests you!

“Keep your sense of proportion by regularly, preferably daily, visiting the natural world.”   … Catlin Matthews


Local WORKSHOPS in Victoria on Tough Conversations:
Available for organizations in Victoria, B.C. in 1/2 day or full day formats.

  • Does conflict make you break out in a sweat?
  • When it doesn’t go well, can you feel a tension so thick you can cut it with a knife?
Most people loathe conflict.  I know - I used to be one of them!

But, through years of practice, and study, and working in the field as a professional mediator, trainer and conflict coach – I’ve seen the power in conflict – both to damage and enhance relationship.
It’s all in how you approach it!

I pride myself on creating a learning experience that is relaxed, safe, and relevant. Whether it's sharing self-management tips, discussing hot button issues or describing how to bring up a tough topic, there's no shortage of conversation topics.
Most importantly, this workshop offers a practical model for how to start and sustain a collaborative conversation. It incorporates interpersonal communication concepts from Interest-based Negotiation, Non-Violent Communication, and Clear Leadership.

Topics include:

  • Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Separating Fact from Fiction
  • Linking Feelings to Needs

Some of my favourite clients are managers and other people-oriented leaders who value relationships highly and have figured out if they put attention into their
relationships, they will get big dividends out!
In fact, managers spend 25 percent to 40 percent of their time attempting to resolve conflict (Washington Business Journal) - yet most leaders receive minimal - or no - training on how to resolve conflicts collaboratively.
If you'd like to enrich some of your relationships at work - whether with peers, clients, or your own boss, consider coaching.  I would love to support you in strengthening your key relationships at work.

If you would like to set up a time to talk about your needs in this area, just email me with "Coaching" in the subject line.

“Don't put blankets over the drum! Open completely. Let your spirit ear listen to the green dome's passionate murmur.”   … Rumi


Stay True to Yourself Through Conflict!

September 12, 19, 26 @ 12:00 - 1:30pm PST with Julia Menard AND Judy Zehr
COST:  $150 (+HST)

I’m excited to announce I've teamed up with EBT Master Trainer Judy Zehr to co-create an impactful new course about how to self-soothe through tough conversations. In my own workshop Making Tough Conversations Great, we spend some time on preparing oneself. This course will dive deeper into the subject. We will use concepts from stress science to give you the tools you need to hang onto yourself in the face of conflict.
Stay tuned for more details – and if this opportunity intrigues you – mark your calendars now for September 12, 19 and 26 (12:00 – 1:30pm PST). Judy and I will email a special invite with more details mid-August!


Making Tough Conversations Great!
10 week self-study course with Facebook Group Community
COST: $95 (+HST)

If you are not located in Victoria and would still like to learn more about making tough conversations great, check out this e-course which is delivered directly to your in-box every week for 10 weeks.
If you’ve got some knowledge of how to make a tough conversation great and are looking for a refresher, this course is for you as well!
Just like the face-to-face workshops, the topics in this e-course include:
  • Focusing on your Best Intentions for your Tough Conversation
  • Leading with Observations (Separating Fact from Fiction)
  • Linking feelings to Needs
  • Converting resistance (Winning Yourself a Hearing!)
  • Deferring solutions to the end 
Each week, you will receive a new lesson via email.  Each lesson is short and to the point  - with reflective questions and meaningful actions each week.
There is also a private online coaching group, where you can ask me questions, engage in discussions, share your struggles, and celebrate your successes!
To get going on this course, just email me and ask, or register online.


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