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Boulder Remains Frack Free!

On, June 18th, the People of Boulder witnessed an amazing turn of events that will have ripple effects across the State of Colorado.  Due to relentless public pressure demanding a closer examination of the full impacts of fracking, the Boulder County Commissioners voted unanimously to extend the moratorium by eighteen months for more study‚Äč.  

Hours later, the Boulder City Council voiced their support for a ballot issue in November that, if passed by voters, would establish a three-year moratorium on new oil and gas exploration and drilling, beginning in January and for a secondary, "hybrid" measure.  This would be a three-year ban with a built-in two-year extension. The extension could only be lifted if compelling evidence showing hydraulic fracturing is not damaging to human, or environmental health, emerged before it's expiration.

Frack Free Colorado would like to thank, each and every one of you, for your unique and valuable contribution.  Let us all take a moment to appreciate the enormity of what we have accomplished.  This is an amazing step toward a Frack Free Colorado, but in times of victory, our responsibility only grows.   It is important that we stay dedicated and act on the momentum we've created for further success.  We will set a date, soon, for a cross movement community meeting, where we will discuss moving forward to stop fracking statewide.

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We are at critical moment in history where our country is determining it's energy future. We have an opportunity take this campaign to the next stage and set an example for others to follow.  You can fuel this campaign to further victories with your contribution. Thank you for your support, it makes all the difference.

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Get a Ban on the Ballot in Laffayette

Get some fresh air and help a great cause!  East Boulder County United is looking for volunteers to help collect signatures for their upcoming ballot initiative to Ban Fracking in the City of Lafayette.  They are only asking for a commitment of 30 signatures per person.  This is an simple way for anyone with a couple of spare hours to have a direct impact on the future of Lafayette.  Contact Amanda Papich to get involved.

Aspen Rally

Join Frack Free Colorado, Protect Our Colorado and others to tell Governor Hickenlooper that "Good Governors Don't Frack their People."  We are organizing an anti-fracking, pro-renewable energy demonstration at the Democratic Governors Association "Summer Policy Conference" in Aspen, CO. 

When: July 13, noon-2 pm

Where: St Regis Hotel and Wagner Park in Aspen, CO

What: "Fracking Fluid" Cool-Aid competition with kids, demonstrations outside DGA and a few fun surprises! :)

Can you join us? RSVP here 

Let' make this event Huge! Help us spread the word - Sign up on Facebook here click "invite friends" and forward this e-mail.  You can sign up for a carpool here.

Thanks for all you do!
Frack Free Colorado Team

Frack Free Colorado

We are a peoples movement that aims to protect the people, flora, fauna and ecosystem in every city, county and the State of Colorado. We support all people working toward this cause and intend to create cohesion between different organization and individuals, so that we are a powerful movement that cannot be ignored. We intend to accomplish this goal through educating our communities and then providing people with the tools and direction for taking action. 

You can make a contribution to our campaign by donating here

A side note

Whatever you can do is enough. Your small contributions will make all the difference in this movement. If each of us learns about what fracking is and shares that message with those around us that we love, that will be enough. 

Thanks for your time,
— The Frack Free Colorado Team

Upcoming Events


Lafayette Ballot Initiative to Ban Fracking - Help collect 30 signatures and help make a direct impact on the future of Lafayette.  Contact Amanda at:

Thursdays  5 PM - 6:15 PM

Peaceful Revolution:  Free Summer Yoga Series - Local teachers and musicians come together to help raise awareness about fracking.  Bring your mat and join the revolution!  Find out more HERE.
Where:  Eben G. Fine Park

Saturday July 13  12 PM - 2 PM

National Democratic Governors Association Meeting in Aspen - Save the date for this event!  We will need everyone to come out and make it clear to these Governors and Presidential Hopefuls, that we will not stand for fracking in our communities. Get details and RSVP HERE.
Where:  St. Regis Hotel and Wagner Park in Aspen, CO.

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