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Democratic Party & Big Greens in Bed with Oil & Gas Industry
Have you noticed that local campaigns that protect communities from fracking receive no support from most of the big environmental organizations? Have you wondered why the democratic administration's climate policy seems to have a blind spot when it comes to fracking, even though studies are showing that fracking can be worse for climate change than coal? So what gives?

This Past Thursday, Joel Dryer of the Boulder weekly broke a story that reveals large scale collusion between the Democratic party, Big Greens (like The Sierra Club National, Environment America and League of Conservation Voters) and the Oil and Gas Industry.  It turns out that these groups have been working together to achieve their individual goals: For the democrats to stay in power, for Big Greens to get funded and for the Natural Gas Industry to do business in Colorado without oversight or accountability. Together, these strange bedfellows blocked Jared Polis State ballot initiatives, which would have provided communities with local protections over fracking. Wow!

Joel Dryer concludes that: "There is only one thing that can threaten the current system that has been so good to democrats, environmental organizations and the nations wealthiest families who fund the system and that's an honest to goodness, citizen driven, grass roots movement."  We wholeheartedly agree. All of the movements victories have come from we the people, uniting to defend our communities and our human rights. We cannot depend on anyone else to protect us.

So What's Next?
We the people will have to grow this movement from the ground up. Frack Free Colorado is planting the seeds by offering our Empowerment Trainings to communities, across the state. These dynamic and interactive trainings are designed to provide the people of Colorado with the tools and knowledge for building grassroots power. Check out the details here. Our goal is to bring these trainings to at least 50 cities by 2016. By doing this, we aim to support local groups and also unite these groups into a more cohesive state movement with the capacity to create real change.

Will you please help us fuel this effort by making a donation? 100% of your contribution will be used to build grassroots power and to protect Colorado from fracking.  Also, if you'd like to host a training in your city, contact us.

**Date Change** Boulder Empowerment training, OCT 7
The Empowerment training for Boulder is This coming Tuesday. This is the level I training aimed at advancing Home Rule in Boulder County. Here are details on what will be covered.  Please join us!

When: October 7 at 6:30pm
Where: Unity Church, 2855 Folsom St, Boulder CO

Weld County Premier of Dear Governor Hickenlooper
With over 22,000 active oil and gas wells, Weld County is the epicenter of fracking in the country. Join us as we bring this powerful film to front line communities and discuss whats next.

When:  Wed, Oct 15th at 7pm
Where: Centennial Park Library, 2227 23rd Ave, Greeley CO 80634


Thank you, for doing your part!

The Frack Free Colorado Team



Frack Free Colorado Poster

Support Frack Free Colorado by spreading this iconic poster of our pristine Colorado, which we intend to protect.  All of the money from sales will be used directly toward protecting Colorado from fracking and building sustainable energy solutions.

Frack Free Colorado would like to thank Boulder artist Chris Huang, for donating his amazing talents.

Click HERE to get yours today!!! 

What you can do to Help:

Donate to Frack Free Colorado

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October 7th 6:30PM

Community Empowerment Training - Unity Church of Boulder - 2855 Folsom St. Boulder, CO

October 15th 7PM
Dear Governor Hickenlooper Screening - Centennial Park Library - 2227 23 Ave, Greeley CO
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