Hello ya'll...Well my dear friends we are at it again. Starting off on the streets of Hamburg doing what we do best playing to people in thier element nothing like the visceral experience of a street show. We are on tour all year long Tuesday the 21st of May we play "KUNST" in Hamburg then we are off to Belgium. Follow our travels and adventures on our website and blog.
Our warmest regards,
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LIVE: Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.

Spring/Summer Tour 2013

Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. is coming to a place near you.
This is a tight and practised band and they have a passionate and dedicated live following built over years of memorable shows, good old fashioned entertainment nous and an incendiary sense of performance, elevated to shamanistic levels...
Get there early for a cure!

Written by: Fergus Murpy

Here are some dates:

21.05.2013 - DE Hamburg, Knust
23.05.2013 - BE La Louviere, La Taverne Du Theatre
24.05.2013 - DE Osnabrück, Ziegenbrink
31.05.2013 – DK Havnekulturfestival, Odense
01.06.2013 – DK Struer, LYDENS BY
07.06.2013 - NL Elsloo, Coninx Pop
10. 06.2013 – DK Copenhagen, Global
11.06.2013 – DK Copenhagen, Studenterhuset
12.06.2013 – DK Copenhagen, Røde Roses Kaffebar
12.06.2013 – DK Copenhagen, MOJO Blues Bar
19.07.2013 - NO Tromsø, Bukta Festival
16.08.2013 - DE Waffenrod, Woodstock Forever
17.08.2013 - DE Bad Rappenau, Römersee Festival
02.11.2013 - DE Göttingen, Stilbruch
05.11.2013 - DE Jena, Café Wagner
07.11.2013 - DE Dresden, Ostpol
08.11.2013 - DE Erfurt, Engelsburg
09.11.2013 - DE Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club

Social Music for People of Moderate Intelligence and Fair Health.

Primitive & grounded, folk-tales connect seemingly disparate genres into a single curbstone philosophy “SOAP BOX MUSIC”.  Converging African polyrhythms with punk-rock dissonance. Combining swing, rock-steady and rhythm & blues… Sarcastic and sentimental; Agitated and serene, they are a throwback to the Negro spirituals and the American folk tradition.
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