Italy Unpacked 3 with Andrew Graham-Dixon & Giorgio Locatelli
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Italy Unpacked Series 3

with Andrew Graham-Dixon & Giorgio Locatelli

Andrew and Giorgio return to their beloved Italy travelling from the toe to the very top of Italy’s east coast, starting their journey in Basilicata and ending up at the top of the stunning Dolomites.

Friday 13 February 9pm BBC2
13 - 27 February 2015

Episode One: From the Stones to the Stars

The first episode sees Andrew and Giorgio begin their journey in Basilicata. They will visit the old town of Matera also known as Sassi “Stones” inhabited since Palaeothic times and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. There, Giorgio will cook a typical peasant recipe, Pignata, in one of the restored cave.
They move on to the south eastern tip of the Italian peninsula, Puglia, a very generous and rich land with warm and sunny weather most of the year and surrounded by an azure sea. Staying off the tourist track they visit, to mention a few of the locations...the empty stage like baroque town of Lecce, discover the trulli of Alberobello and a unique Greek vase in the little town of Ruvo.
This is the time of the south. The young generation are going back to their roots, they are rediscovering their traditions.


Episode Two: To the Centre of the Earth

The second leg of Andrew and Giorgio's journey takes them to the centre of Italy; Le Marche and Umbria. Visiting the renaissance city of Urbino, that gave us the painter Raphael, and Bramante, the architect of St Peters in Rome. It’s a city that rivals even Florence.

They visit the palace of Federico da Montefalco, a scholar, connoisseur and commander of a private army; Federico is considered one of the driving forces behind the Italian Renaissance. In the deep heart of the Apennines they explore one of the largest underground caves in the world, the Grotte di Frassasi.
Andrew and Giorgio travel down into Umbria, known for its fertile land and beautiful scenery. Andrew takes Giorgio to see one of the greatest renaissance paintings by Pinturicchio in Spello.

They move on to Norcia where for centuries people from this valley have been known as master butchers and makers of delicious pork sausages and salamis. Giorgio makes a simple yet succulent dish that speaks for itself using the ingredients from the fertile land, sausages and lentils.

Episode Three: The Merchant's of Venice

The last leg of Andrew and Giorgio’s journey is in the Veneto. It’s one of Italy’s most fascinating regions and a real melting pot thanks to its geographical position in the north east of Italy. Deliberately avoiding Venice they follow instead in the footsteps of the Venetian merchants and tour their great inland empire.  Appropriately starting their journey by boat they go harvesting for clams where Giorgio cooks spaghetti alle vongole in the middle of the lagoon.

They continue their tour visiting amazing frescoes in the town of Padova, travel up the river Brenta with its outstanding Palladian villas and continue on land to admire, in the town of Vicenza, one of the most beautiful paintings ever made in western civilisation; Giovanni Bellini’s Baptisim of Christ and coincidentally one of Andrew's favourite paintings.

Andrew and Giorgio end their journey where the Venetians ended theirs at the very top of the Dolomites, one of the most amazing and surprising Italian landscapes. 

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