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2012 + Rising

conrazon 2012 by rudy rude


Everyone's out celebrating, but I wanted to wish you all the very best 2012. 

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Image is by Rudy Rude.  His beautiful statement about the images:

The Mayan sculpture of a mujer represents humanity after the next eventual shift. Hopefully, it's waaaay past Dec. 2012. She's contemplating on top of a pyramid into the sky and looking for answers. Contrary to Euro beliefs, pyramids weren't used soley for blood sacrifices, if at all. And contrary to academics, they weren't soley "imperial markers". They were often used by shamans to study the solar system and our relation to time & space. Something we've strayed away from....
They were also said to use mushrooms and other natural substances to help them reach that state of conciousness. That's why different elements of the image appear in 3D - to visually represent this state of conciousness.
The moon rises above the barren earth to replenish and help mother earth grow once, the moon also appears in the form a "celestial vinyl record". Many great artists past/present have always represented the profoundness of the sky/stars/heavens in their music. Because it represents something greater than our egos. This moon/vinyl image tries to make that connection, and to conrazon - since you promote music that's meant to uplift and inspire.
Hence, the conrazon logo appears as a vision to the mayan mujer (who represents people) to be a symbol of inspiration.

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