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Forthcoming events, seminars and recent publications from the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE

  • Congratulations to CASE PhD, Rana Khazbak on submitting her thesis titled “They’ve come into our area and they’re tryna make us feel like we don’t belong here”: Young people’s wellbeing and mixed income social housing regeneration
Forthcoming Social Exclusion Seminar

Wednesday 10th November 16:30 - 18:00
The NHS, schools, and social care in the four nations of the UK: how do they compare?
Graham Atkins and Grant Dalton (Institute for Government)
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New Projects Awarded:

Professor Leon Feinstein, Director of the Rees Centre at the University of Oxford, will lead an innovative collaboration between local authorities and universities, including the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion at the LSE, to transform how information about and from children and families is gathered, interpreted and used in child and family social policy at both local and national level. The research project is funded by the Nuffield Foundation, started on 1 October 2021 and will last for five years. Read more about the project here.

A time of need: Exploring the changing poverty risk facing larger families in the UK

Kitty Stewart, Aaron Reeves and Ruth Patrick
July 2021

Paper No' CASE/224
AbstractFull Paper (pdf) 

Children and Families Seeking Asylum in the UK

Ilona Pinter
October 2021

Paper No' CASEbrief/41
AbstractFull Paper (pdf) 
Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes (SPDO) publications

Social care inequalities in England: evidence briefing

Nic Brimblecombe and Tania Burchardt
September 2021
Paper No' SPDORB03
AbstractFull Paper (pdf) 
Journal Articles
LSE Public Policy Review - Reciprocity Across the Life Cycle - Volume 2 – Issue 1 – 2021 

John’s early death in December 2020 robbed readers of what would have been a deeply enlightening and humane paper, and robbed the authors of the other papers in this issue – and the much wider community at LSE and outside – of an inspirational colleague and friend.

John Hills was an active participant in planning this issue of the Review, and would as a matter of course have written one of the papers, given his important body of work on pensions, including as one of the three Commissioners of the influential UK Pensions Commission which reported in 2005, and his book, Good Times, Bad Times: The Welfare Myth of Them and Us (revised edition 2017) all of which bore directly on reciprocity across the life cycle.

This issue is dedicated to his memory.

Access issue here (pdf) 
Welfare within Families beyond Households: Intergenerational Exchanges of Practical and Financial Support in the UK

Tania Burchardt , Fiona Steele, Emily Grundy, Eleni Karagiannaki, Jouni Kuha, Irini Moustaki, Chris Skinner, Nina Zhang, Siliang Zhang
September 2021

Full Paper (pdf) 
Other publications
Does capping social security harm health? A natural experiment in the UK

Aaron Reeves, Mark Fransham, Kitty Stewart, Ruth Patrick
September 2021

Full Paper (pdf) 
LSE Housing & Communities
What is the role of housing associations in providing intermediate and market rented housing?

Eleanor Benton and Anne Power
October 2021

Full Paper (pdf) 
Energy Plus Academy  

On Thursday 1st July 2021, LSE Housing and Communities, with the National Communities Resource Centre launched the Energy Plus Academy; an exciting new knowledge-exchange programme to promote learning, skills, and local actions to tackle climate change. This programme is supported by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, and sponsored by L&Q and ECD Architects.

A report of the key headlines from the launch event is now available: The Climate Crisis: How can we respond.
Blog Posts
Why the new levy won’t make England’s social care crisis go away by Tania Burchardt

Why restricting benefits to two children is pushing up child poverty by Kitty Stewart, Ruth Patrick and Aaron Reeves

Mental health and the pandemic: why it is inaccurate to say fathers were largely unaffected by Anna Tarrant and Mary Reader
Knowledge Exchange and Impact (KEI) activities

Guardian article 'Two-child benefits cap cuts support for over 1 million children during pandemic' quotes Kitty Stewart.

CASE's Director Abigail McKnight contributed to Social Mobility Commission's State of the nation report 2021.

Early Childhood Education & Care research briefing reviewed by Tammy Campbell, also citing work with Kitty Stewart and Ludovica Gambaro.

Just Fair article 'UK ‘going backwards rather than forwards’ in reducing social inequalities: LSE Report' reports on Social Policies and Distributional Outcomes (SPDO) overview paper.

Tania Burchardt chaired the 'Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic' event.   

In case you missed it
Social Exclusion Seminar recording

The scale and drivers of inequalities in and by mental health
Praveetha Patalay (Centre for Longitudinal Studies and MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing University College London)
Slides and audio recording

Great Mistakes in Education Policy: and how to avoid them in the future by Ruth Lupton (University of Manchester)
Audio recording

Social Policy Association conference 2021

A Better State of Welfare: A symposium in honour of John Hills
Video recording

CASE Special Event 

Stick or Shift? Attitudes towards inequality, the Welfare State and social security benefits during COVID-19

Presentations, audio and video recording is available here
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