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US media talks a lot about Palestinians — just without Palestinians (+972 Magazine)

Dr. Maha Nassar writes: "As a Palestinian-American historian, professor, and opinion writer, I know from my work and my personal experience that Palestinian viewpoints rarely appear in mainstream U.S. media outlets; I especially remember my frustration at the lack of Palestinian voices in U.S. publications during the Oslo years. But to what extent is this the case?"

"In the New York Times, less than 2 percent of the nearly 2,500 opinion pieces that discussed Palestinians since 1970 were actually written by Palestinians. In the Washington Post, the average was just 1 percent."

"Even The Nation, with its vaunted reputation as a progressive and pro-Palestine magazine, had only marginally better numbers, with a total average of roughly 10 percent."

"Ultimately, we need to challenge the structural exclusions that have silenced us for decades. We also need to encourage the current progressive changes in the media landscape by supporting alternative media platforms with our time, clicks, and donations. "
The Campaign to “Kill” the BDS Movement Against Israel Extends Far and Wide (Jacobin)

Caren Holmes writes "Israel is facing declining public support in the United States and sees the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions campaign as a key threat to its legitimacy. That’s why Israel is enlisting the US government, American university administrators, and even tech companies like Zoom and Facebook to try to destroy the BDS movement."

"In 2019, Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs (MSA), an intelligence agency established to map out and combat growing support for BDS around the world, was provided over $35 million in government funding over three years, a budget set to be matched by private donations."

"Among the primary tactics the Israel lobby uses to derail Palestine solidarity movements are legal and legislative processes to turn legitimate criticisms of Israel into expressions of anti-Semitism. At a moment when right-wing anti-Semitic violence is on the rise, this is particularly dangerous."

ACRPS' wide-ranging 2019-2020 Arab Opinion survey reveals huge opposition to normalisation with Israel (The New Arab)

"The 2019-2020 Arab Opinion Index (AOI), published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies on Tuesday, indicates a significant discord between popular sentiments and government rhetoric on the question of Palestine specifically in Saudi Arabia and Sudan, where the political elite has been making overtures to Israel recently."

"Three quarters of the survey's 28,000 respondents said they thought the Palestinian cause concerns all Arabs, not just Palestinians, however this rose to 89% among respondents in Saudi Arabia, the second highest among the countries surveyed."

"Notably, only 13% of Sudanese respondents were in favour of their country recognising Israel, with 79% rejecting such a move."

"Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia only 6% of respondents said they agreed to the recognition of Israel, with 65% saying they rejected it."
Jewish Soldiers and Civilians Looted Arab Neighbors' Property en Masse in '48. The Authorities Turned a Blind Eye (Haaretz)

Ofer Aderet interviews historian Adam Raz, who has recently complete the first-ever comprehensive study revealing the extent to which Arab property was looted in 1948, The Looting of Arab Property in the War of Independence

"Raz pored over 30 archives around the country, perused newspapers of that era and examined all extant literature on the subject. The result is shattering."

"There was chinaware with gold embellishments, and we would spread a sheet on the table and place chinaware and gold on it, and when the food was finished, everything was taken together to the basement. In another place, we found a storeroom with 10,000 boxes of caviar, that’s what they counted... There was a feeling on one hand of shame at the behavior, and on the other hand a feeling of lawlessness..."

– Dov Doron, in testimony about looting in Jerusalem
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