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Palestine: 1947 escape from British prison exposed as inside job (The Guardian)

"The storming of Acre prison has been credited as a critical event that led to the British decision to end what was increasingly viewed as an onerous mandate in Palestine. Until now, details of how the highly sophisticated operation was so successful had remained elusive."

"Menachem Begin, who led the Zionist Irgun paramilitary that claimed responsibility for the prison break, described it as the most important attack to have a “disintegrating effect on the [British] government’s prestige”. Begin later became Israel’s prime minister."

The Israel-UAE Deal Isn’t About Peace at All (Foreign Policy in Focus)

Thoughtful analysis of the Abraham Accord's geopolitical implications by Phyllis Bennis. 

"Both Israel and the UAE have wanted normalization for a long time. And now they’ve got it. No serious Israeli opposition exists. Public opposition in the UAE, if it exists, is sufficiently suppressed as to appear non-existent. And Palestinian opposition is irrelevant.

Israel gets its first acknowledged normalization with a Gulf monarchy, and gives up nothing."

West Bank: Loss of contact with Israel affecting Palestinians (Al Jazeera)

Video: Al Jazeera's Nida Ibrahim reports on the "decision by the Palestinian leadership to cut ties with the Israeli government is affecting many in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian leaders blocked contact three months ago in a protest against Israel's threat to annex Palestinian land."

Newspapers Review: Coronavirus in Palestine focus of dailies (WAFA)

"The coronavirus pandemic in Palestine dominated the front-page headlines of two of the three Palestinian Arabic dailies published today.

Al-Quds and al-Ayyam said five people have died of the disease and 536 new cases were recorded in Palestine in the previous 24 hours."

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