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Video: Palestinian puppeteers bring theater to Gaza (Electronic Intifada)

"Puppet theater may be an old-fashioned performance art, but it is enjoying a revival in the Gaza Strip. With no professional puppeteers in Gaza, Mahdi Karira taught himself all he knows about puppetry. “I was able to make a puppet and move it on my own. Then I made more puppets,” Karira, 41, tells The Electronic Intifada."

Israel bars materials including certain fabrics and chemicals that could be used in painting and making the dolls. “We try to find alternatives. We recycle and extract materials from other things,” Karira says. For example, the team extracts strings from fishing nets and substitutes ivory with certain cement mixtures. Watch the video on YouTube.
Culture & Identity: Folklore Dabke is Traditional Dancing of The East (Al Bawaba)

"In Lebanon and Palestine alone there are multiple regional variations, which not only differ in tempo, but have different groove patterns and rhythm signatures. The dances, too, are varied, although a handful of styles form dabke’s traditional backbone."

“Dabke has a particular energy that is different from other dance forms,” says Jamila Boughelaf, a member of Hawiyya, a London-based women’s dabke group that explores identity, culture and resistance through dance. “The synchronized and powerful stomping of the feet, the power of connection neatly expressed through the line, which is then broken into energetic improvisations and jumps: all made me realize that it’s not just a nice dance, there’s a very important message behind it.”

A leader by example: Tawfiq Zayyad and the Palestinian struggle (Mondoweiss)

Naim Mousa reviews Tamir Sorek's biography of Palestinian poet and political leader Tawfiq Zayyad: "Tamir Sorek's must read exploration of Tawfiq Zayyad should bring renewed attention to the visionary life and work of this Palestinian poet, legislator, and activist."

"Zayyad, born in 1929, was a committed communist leader and dominant political figure within Israel who embodied the struggle of Palestinian citizens of Israel while remaining committed to the larger Palestinian struggle and unity at hand. However, it could be said that more than anything, he was an optimist – never giving up on his vision of a just peace between Palestinian and Israelis."
Album review: Semitics by 47Soul (The Quietus)

"Semitics adheres to debke’s dual history as a celebratory dance, often performed at weddings, and as a form of resistance against the Israeli occupation. Debke’s influence is on almost every 47Soul song, through the percussion and the electronically produced mijwiz."

"47Soul largely succeeds at being an inclusive sound that understands that in order to survive, Palestinians rely on reflexes of both hope and despair. Semitics is another link in debke’s hereditary chain: for the most part, the album is joyful and always political."

BDS-supporting Harry Potter actor Miriam Margolyes: ‘I’m just a nice old lady’ (Times of Israel)

"A glance at the rap sheet made me wince. She’s an open advocate of boycotts against Israel, a signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians and a staunch supporter of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn."

“I am anti-Zionist and the reason why is that I have seen the devastation and misery the Palestinian population is experiencing and has experienced from the beginning of Israel’s creation. That makes me sad,” she says. “I believe Jewish people are just and compassionate and our religion strongly emphasizes that.”

“Every day, I am reminded of the Holocaust and the terrible things that have been done to our people. I don’t forget or overlook that. I just don’t want us to be doing similar things to other people in the misguided belief that we have the right to do so. We don’t,” she says.


Friday 9th October we are live with rock legend Roger Waters!

Roger Waters is one of the most important musicians of our time. A founding member of legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, he has also had a prolific solo career since leaving the band in 1985.

Join us Friday October 9th, same time, 4pm UK // 6pm Palestine // 11am EDT. Host Mark Seddon speaks live to Roger Waters taking centre stage and answering your questions. Learn more about Roger's voyage of discovery on Palestine and hear his thoughts on the most important issues of our time. Register on Eventbrite.
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