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Dear readers,

Like you, at Palestine Deep Dive we will be letting out a long overdue sigh of relief when 2020 finally draws to a close tonight. 

You are forgiven for assuming the worst was out of the way early in the year when Trump revealed his so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ in January, but as we now know at every turn since, new causes for disruption and despair were just around the corner each step of the way.

Around the world we’ve seen desperate leaders attempting to cling to power amidst a global pandemic with the most vulnerable often paying the price.

But among the wreckage of 2020, from Palestine to the US and from the UK to the rest of the world, the present really is already alive with the potential of being other than it currently is. We have witnessed some of this potential in many of the inspiring voices we’ve amplified throughout the year. 

And so from the offset and throughout 2021, we will continue shining a light on this potential to strengthen its place in the world, producing more original content and bold and meaningful analysis.

After twenty live shows and hundreds of newsletters, below are some of our highlights and some of the most heartfelt stories which have kept you going along the way. As ever, we welcome all donations to strengthen our bold media platform and our charity, Palestinian Media Education Foundation, to offer high quality journalism training to Palestinian students.

Wishing you a Happy New Year,

Palestine Deep Dive Team


From the offset we got to the heart of the story with COVID-19 and its effects on Israel/Palestine with our expert panel discussion in April, where Dr Yara Hawari delivered a damning verdict on Israel’s regime of co-morbidity;  with its occupation not only being responsible for but exacerbating many Palestinians’ health conditions.

We went further, examining the Palestinian economy in times of COVID-19 with Raja Khalidi and conducted a DeepDive on the situation in Gaza after enduring 13 years of siege with Dr Yara Asi, We Are Not Numbers and more

We delivered an exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbyn in May and produced a special edition episode shortly after he was suspended from the UK Labour Party ‘Closing the Door On Corbyn: Free Speech and the Silencing of Palestinian Voices’ with Ben Jamal and Richard Sanders

We discussed the silencing of left wing Jews with Ilan Pappé and our very own show host Mark Seddon and the President of the Foreign Press Association, Ian Williams, suspended themselves from the Labour Party live on air as they protested the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn.

We addressed the normalisation agreements and Netanyahu’s declared and ongoing creeping annexation of the West Bank with Al Jazeera’s Senior Political Analyst, Marwan Bishara, CAABU’s Chris Doyle and Haaretz editorial board member Gideon Levy

Dr Ramzy Baroud gave us the latest on hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Maher Al-Akhras and his struggle for freedom in a DeepDive on Palestinian prisoners.  


And we kept up with the US Presidential Election with Col. Larry Wilkerson giving us insights having served at the heart of power among the US ‘military industrial complex’ as the presidential election votes came in. We heard from essential voices of today like Diana Buttu, Miko Peled, Jonathan Cook, Phyllis Bennis, Alexei Sayle, Prof Rashid Khalidi and Dr Ghada Karmi and not forgetting our exclusive show with Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters.

And our collaboration with London Palestine Film Festival was certainly a highlight, with three award winning Palestinian filmmakers, Lina Al-Abed, Najwar Najjar and Farah Nabulsi.


Palestinian immigrant honoured for saving police officer during Vienna attack (The New Arab)

"A Palestinian immigrant was praised for his role in saving the life of a police officer wounded during an Islamic State-linked terror attack in Vienna."

"Osama Joda, a 23-year-old Muslim was hailed as a hero for risking his life during the horrifying ideal which saw a convicted IS supporter kill at least 4 people and injure dozens more."

"Police authorities honoured the young immigrant by awarding him with an honorary medal on Tuesday."

"According to local daily, Kurier, Joda was working as a fast food restaurant in the area when he rushed to help the wounded officer, despite the ringing of gunshots."
From unemployed to entrepreneur: a woman breaks barriers with ice cream (We Are Not Numbers)

Yasmin J. Abusayma writes: "Meet Fatema Khaled Alzatma, 24, a student of entrepreneurship at Gaza University who lives in Rafah, along the border with Egypt."

"Despite a lack of job opportunities, the Israeli blockade and a conservative society in which women are often not accepted in the workplace, Fatema found a way forward: She decided to open her own ice cream shop."

“I have always wanted to be different,” Fatema explains. She believes that, with enough courage and faith, hard work pays off in the end: “Just as flowers bloom, humans have the ability to grow and flourish.”
47Soul Brings Palestinian Voices Back Into The Conversation With New Album, ‘Semitics’ (Forbes)

"Many Palestinians, whose voices were conspicuously absent from this week’s accords, described the deal as nothing short of betrayal, as Israel’s ongoing Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza continues largely unabated."

"But one Palestinian band is trying to use music to bring Palestinian voices back into the conversation about the future of the Middle East."

"47Soul is a popular group of Palestinian diaspora musicians wielding a novel meld of traditional Arabic shaabi musical forms, scales, and rhythms with electronic dance beats—ushering in a genre they call “Shamstep,” a mashup between the terms “dubstep” and “Bilad al-Sham,” (the Arabic word for the Levant)."

Watch the video of Dabke System, the album's lead single, on YouTube here
Palestinian hunger striker Maher al-Akhras released from Israeli prison (Middle East Eye)

"Israeli authorities have released Palestinian prisoner Maher al-Akhras, who spent 103 days on hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention."

"Akhras suspended the hunger strike on 8 November after Israel's Supreme Court ruled that the prisoner's administrative detention should end after a four-month term, which is 26 November."

He told local reporters that "my freedom is the freedom of my people, and we have won over the occupation with our will and determination."

He said that his health is "fine... I feel pain in my joints, but I will be fine, inshallah."
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