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US Congresswoman slams Israel's Covid-19 vaccination drive which excludes Palestinians (Middle East Eye) 

"Democrat Marie Newman said Israel has 'humanitarian obligation' to ensure Palestinians living in occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip are vaccinated."

"In a series of tweets directed at the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Newman said the virus "does not see or care about nationality, borders, or religion" and its devastating impact was being felt everywhere." 

"The Netanyahu administration has a moral and humanitarian obligation to ensure that both Israelis & Palestinians have access to vaccines," she said on Twitter on Tuesday."

"Whether we're talking about our own communities, the United States, or nations across the globe, we must do everything in our power to ensure vaccines are not only distributed rapidly but also equitably."
With Qatar feud solved, are Saudis better placed for Israel normalization? (Times of Israel)

Jacob Magid writes: "While admitting that deal unlikely before Trump leaves office, senior US official says Gulf detente does remove an obstacle; analysts assert the two issues are unrelated." 

"Kushner had been shuttling around the region seeking a breakthrough in the final days of the Trump administration, which views unity among Gulf states as essential in isolating Washington’s nemesis Iran."

"That broader goal has also been advanced via Kushner’s brokering of normalization deals between Israel and four Arab countries, including the UAE and Bahrain, both of which joined Saudi Arabia and Egypt in instituting a blockade of Qatar in 2017. The four countries accused Doha of supporting Islamist groups in the region and of having warmed up too closely to Iran — accusations that Qatar dismissed."

"However, analysts who spoke to The Times of Israel were skeptical about drawing a connection between ending the Gulf diplomatic crisis and inking another normalization agreement."
Israel and India test MRSAM air defense system (Defense News)

Seth J. Frantzman writes: "Israel Aerospace Industries and the Indian government’s Defence Research and Development Organisation conducted a successful test of the MRSAM, a medium-range surface-to-air missile system."

"MRSAM was jointly developed by IAI and DRDO over the last several years, and they tested the system in India during the last week of December, the Israeli company said."

"The system was developed in the wake of one of the largest defense deals in Israel’s history. In April 2017, IAI and India signed a $1.6 billion contract for the MRSAM system for India’s ground forces. The development involved several Indian companies such as Bharat Electronics Limited, Larsen & Toubro, and Bharat Dynamics Limited as well as Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems."

"The effort is one of the joint ventures that underpins India’s economic policy “Make in India” for defense development, which has seen several decades of contracts with Israeli companies to modernize India’s military."

France targeted for giving $10m to Palestinian group promoting good governance (Middle East Monitor)

"The French Development Agency (AFD) has been targeted by a pro-Israel lobby group for donating almost $10 million last year to a Palestinian organisation to promote good government practice in the occupied West Bank."

"The pro-Israel NGO Monitor accuses France of supporting the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign with its donation for the NGO Development Centre (NDC)."

"NGO Monitor is known for attacking organisations which document international law violations by the Israeli occupation authorities and provide support for Palestinian civil society."

"However, AFD Spokeswoman Magali Mevellec pointed out that France "supports strengthening local capabilities that improve the lives of populations" in what France considers the occupied Palestinian territories. "The sole intention of France and the AFD is to improve the welfare of [those] populations," she added."

"The European Court of Human Rights ruled last year that the conviction in France of activists who support the BDS movement was a breach of their freedom of expression by criminalising the movement through some of the toughest anti-BDS, pro-Israel legislation in the world."


There is no defeating the right without Israel’s oppressed groups (+972 Magazine) 

Tom Mehager writes: "If the Balfour protests are only interested in removing Netanyahu, it will not matter to their leaders how racist the alternative will be."

"The endless refrain that we have heard in these protests — “anyone but Bibi” — has actually strengthened the Israeli right. If this movement is only interested in Netanyahu, then it no longer matters how criminal the alternative to his rule will be."

"The Balfour protest movement has not tried to build new alliances that challenge the growing power of the Israeli right. Aside from several pockets of radical politics that focus on issues like racism, apartheid, climate change, and police brutality, the protests remained well within the bounds of Ashkenazi, Zionist centrism."

"Without the Palestinian public and the Jewish lower classes, there is no way to challenge the Israeli right." 
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