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Watch again: Centre Stage with Roger Waters (YouTube)

On Friday we spoke live to revolutionary progressive rock musician Roger Waters for what was a rich and illuminating discussion. Roger covered all areas from Keir Starmer and the Labour Party, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, Palestine and BDS to climate breakdown and the silencing of progressive voices in the mainstream media. Catch up on YouTube.

Roger closed the call by saying: 

“This encourages me. The fact that all these people are ringing in…typing in... joining in…".

“Because this, if it’s anything, this isn’t me whining and shouting and being angry this is a celebration of my belief that the choir is growing. There are way more of us than there were yesterday, and certainly way more of us than there were five years ago and certainly more than there were ten years ago."

"We are growing in number everyday and we are many and they are few and this is going to end. This is going to end with our voice being heard whether they like it or not. And if I can help promote that then that’s what I will keep doing until I breathe my last breath and I know you will too.”

Thank you Roger for joining us. Look out for highlights of the show appearing on social media this week.
Gaza's young amputee footballers find hope on the pitch (Middle East Eye)

Abdullah Abu Mekhmer's football dreams were dashed when an Israeli rocket fragment left him with an amputated leg, but a youth squad has given him a second chance. Watch the video on YouTube.
Top Palestinian filmmakers protest UAE-Israeli cinema cooperation (Screen Daily)

Melanie Goodfellow reports: "Hany Abu-Assad, Annemarie Jacir, Najwa Najjar, Muayad Alayan and Cherien Dabis have joined some 100 Palestinian film professionals in a statement protesting a recent cooperation pact between Emirati and Israeli cinema bodies and calling for solidarity among the Arab film world."

"The UAE’s Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC), Israel Film Fund (IFF), and the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film and Television School (JSFS) announced last week that they plan to collaborate on a series of initiatives, including educational exchange, joint film and TV projects and a regional film festival."

“For more them seven decades Palestinians have lived under military occupation and a colonial reality that gets worse year after year,” read the letter.

Palestinians Mourn Early Death of Artist Mohammad Joulani (Palestine Chronicle)

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture has mourned Palestinian artist Mohammad Joulani who died on Friday at the age of 37, saying “his passing constitutes a loss for the Palestinian artistic and cultural scene.”

"Born in 1983, Joulani studied fine arts at Al Quds University in the town of Abu Dis."

"Primarily a painter, Joulani created works that depicted his hometown of Jerusalem and often drew himself or an anonymous human figure as his subject as a way to describe contemporary Palestinian issues."

"His local community initiatives involved painting the rooftops and walls of Jerusalem, particularly in the Old City. These murals were often rendered in eye-catching colors and interlocking geometric shapes, as well as references to the Palestinian landscape."
Mark Ruffalo 'The Hulk' condemns Israel's 'oppression, apartheid' against Palestinians (The New Arab)

"US actor Mark Ruffalo condemned Israel's "asymmetric warfare" against the Palestinians on the Mehdi Hasan Show on Wednesday night."

"The Hollywood star, known for playing the Hulk, said "there is no reason that an ally of America should not be held to the same standards as any other nation." Ruffalo added that conversations with Palestinians and "hearing their stories" connected him to the issue."

"Watching this asymmetrical warfare being acted upon them, and violence being acted upon them, and who pays the price? The citizenry," the Avengers star said. 

Palestine Writes Literature Festival is back! (Mondoweiss)

Palestine Writes Literature Festival, a celebration of Palestinian writing past and present, will take place on December 2-6, 2020.  The Festival will be hosted on a cutting-edge virtual platform with 3-D virtual spaces, live chats, networking rooms, and more.

The virtual Festival will feature more than 70 leading Palestinian writers and artists, including Ibrahim Nasrallah and Hala Alyan; as well as leading African-American and Indigenous writers and activists, including Angela Davis and Nick Estes.

To Register at Palestine Writes


When food is so much more than dinner… (Press Herald)

A column on sumac inspires an impassioned response, and a recipe for melokhyia, a dish enjoyed in Palestine that is little known in the U.S.

“There are many variations (and the dish is sometimes sprinkled with sumac), but the basic objective is to stew the beef with onions, garlic, salt and pepper, seven spices, and Maggi."

"Then when it’s really, really, really cooked, add in the melokyia leaves ( I pick up frozen ones from the Arab markets in Portland). Once the bright green is dulled, you dump the mixture over rice and lace with ‘tatbileh’ (garlic and lemon juice) and with a dollop of plain yogurt. You serve it in a bowl, with a spoon."
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